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  • Posted on November 29, 2020 at 7:54 am

Ciao amici! L’estate è probabilmente la stagione più attesa dell’anno nonché la mia preferita. È questo il periodo nel quale concentriamo la maggior parte dei nostri viaggi e ci godiamo un po’ di meritate vacanze da dedicare al relax o al divertimento. Infatti l ’arrivo delle belle giornate caratterizzate dal caldo, dal sole e dal cielo azzurro ha un’influenza anche sul nostro umore, rendendoci più energici e più vivi. Non so voi ma anche fare shopping in estate per me è tutta un’ altra storia  infatti cerco sempre siti online convienienti ma che abbiano tanta scelta e uno di questi è proprio DEAR-LOVER proprio qui ho trovato dei vestiti davvero carini che ora vi mostro:

Caratterizzato da ornamenti floreali , nel mio caso ho preso una S quindi la vestibilità è ottima.

Come secondo capo invece ho scelto una bellissima tutina perfetta per chi vuole stare comoda

La trovo davvero pazzesca! Con una cinta super carina per valorizzare il punto vita.

Poi ho proprio cambiato genere ed ho scelto un top crop

Lo trovo perfetto su una gonna a vita alta o su un pantaloncino.

Però non dimentichiamo anche il periodo che stiamo attraversando. Proprio per questo ho anche scelto due mascherine


OOTD-Gorgeous Spring Blouse

  • Posted on November 22, 2020 at 9:03 am

Engl. Hello, my dear! I am happy I had some sunny days, because with this crazy weather I wouldn’t have the time to present you my favorite blouse this season. It costs around 9 dollars and it has a gorgeous model which made me fall in love with this blouse. It has a very good material, really vaporous perfect for spring. It is a versatile blouse which can be wear in different combination. It can transform from casual to elegant with some simple items. It can be ordered on The prices on this site are very low prices, the shipping is very fast and the clothes are various.

 OOTD Gorgeous Spring Blouse OOTD Gorgeous Spring Blouse OOTD Gorgeous Spring Blouse OOTD Gorgeous Spring Blouse

 OOTD Gorgeous Spring Blouse

Joy of Music and Clothes

  • Posted on November 8, 2020 at 7:47 am
ph3 Joy of Music and Clothes
I went on a date yesterday. And listened to the music. Philharmonic is our favorite and I believe we haven’t visited since before the pandemic happen, it was around February when we last visited, we missed the love sounds so music so much. We had to take all the precautions and there were way less people then usual (only half of the seats were possible and some areas were locked off completely) but it is the new normal and I am all for it. Bonus points for us meeting next to the concert hall so it felt like a date of not married/living together couple. We normally go on a date from home and are together the whole time. And the date was followed by a sweet cake and tea which make the night perrfect. I missed such days so much!
ph2 Joy of Music and Clothesph4 Joy of Music and Clothes


ph1 Joy of Music and Clothes
I was gifted with this top by Dear-Lover and I really like it. But if you are to order it consider going size down. Mine was too roomy. I will be wearing it home for relaxed look and for workouts (it is from sport material so it’s great for it) but despite me loving the tie dye it can only be worn with a jacket. Or may be my husband will steal it too, I am not sure. Dear-Lover provides you with tons of wholesale and retail clothing so I am sure you will find a lot of item you like and will enjoy wearing. Back to the outfit I added a roomy and comfortable jacket (it’s from Monki last year and I am sure you have seen this one a lot on me), also roomy and also comfy but new jeans from Befree (I literally live in them), my favorite Jimmy Choo pumps (super comfortable to walk in, I wore it also because I had to run some errands before and rainbow glasses from Glassesshop (I can not stop thanking them for this).  You don’t see much of it but I had a back pack from Arny Praht: comfortable, roomy and vegan. Pendant I wear is lizard shaped and is a bit old but I love it and wear quite often. Reusable mask my husband wore is also provided by Dear-Lover. It is also too big for my face so I have it to him. Sorry about my glasses that high up, we made this photo in a rush and I was reading my email right before and forgot I pulled up my glasses.
I was wearing:

top and mask c/o Dear-Lover (shop similar top and mask here)
jeans Befree
jacket Monki
glasses c/o Glassesshop
pumps Jimmy Choo
backpack Arny Praht
Have a nice day,