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The development trend of China sexy lingerie manufacturing in 2013

  • Posted on April 11, 2013 at 3:12 am

According to the investigations of Shiying Sexy Lingerie Co., Ltd, sexy lingerie manufacturing in China has entered the era of over-capacity, and the sexy lingerie manufacturing industry will be more serious in 2013. It seems to have suspected of fraud or exaggerated in the raising of sexy lingerie sales in 2012, but here are some powerful proves.


From the industry insider’s point of view, it is so appalling that there are so many unsold Christmas styles on Guangzhou sexy lingerie wholesale market at the end of 2012; From the manufacturer’s point of view, there are so many traditional clothing manufacturing enterprises stepping into the parochial yet fine-sorted market in 2012; From the franchiser’s point of view, the increasingly obvious severity of the lingerie market homogenization will also bring such worries. 

And then when looking over the overall search volume of wholesale lingerie in the Google trend, it reads that sexy lingerie sales are declining, many foreign franchises are suffering unspeakably pains, owing to hoards of lingerie goods in their warehouses that were bought a few years ago.

In 2013, China’s sexy lingerie manufacturing will continue to take on a fake prosperity, because no one believes that the market demand will shrink, they will continue to seek ways to reduce costs, develop new styles and do more marketing. But Dear-Lover is fully confident of the actual market demand is cruel. By the end of this year some people will aware that they need reform; they should consider the needs of customers and create value for customers. 

About Dear-Lover
Dear-Lover is a leading online wholesale brand that provides customers with sexy lingerie, sexy costumes, Clubwear, wholesale swimwear, fashion dresses and accessories for both men and women. It belongs to Nan’an Shiying Sexy Lingerie Co., Ltd and aims to offer a refreshing experience for dealers around the world; Dear-Lover is exerting great efforts to deliver good quality, cheap price sexy clothes and good service.

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