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How to Wear a Thong Bikini?

  • Posted on April 17, 2014 at 7:39 am

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 The first time you try on a thong bikini, wear it for an hour then take it off. The next day wear it for a couple of hours or more if you are comfortable. The thong bikini is like anything else in life, it takes a little bit of time for your body to familiarize itself to the unrestricted freedom of movement.
Open the thong bikini to expose its inner lining with the leg holes open and lay it on the floor in front of you with the bum strap pointing towards you, “As it would be worn on your body”
Simply step into you new thong bikini and pull it up into position. Position the front to give you the desired coverage and at a comfortable height. Then pull up the bum strap so that it lays flat against your backside.
After wearing your new thong bikini, you will become so accustomed to its freedom, not to mention the positive feeling you will have while wearing it that no other bikini style will do.
Taking into consideration the limited amount of material used to make a thong bikini, purchasing the correct size of thong bikini is essential to the experience. A thong bikini does not fit exactly the same as a regular bikini.
  Thong bikinis wholesale are no different than regular bikinis for sizing or thong underwear for that matter. Normally thong bikinis come in the following sizes, Extra Small-XS, Small-S, Medium-M, Large-L, or Extra Large-LL or XL.
If you are going to buy a sexy thong to flatter your figure this summer, try to find the one that will make you feel comfortable and stunning.


How to Wear Shoes with a Black Skirt?

  • Posted on April 16, 2014 at 8:43 am
black school girl micro mini skirt LC7100 How to Wear Shoes with a Black Skirt?

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You can wear almost any type of shoes with a black skirt, but consider material, skirt length, and season of the year before you leave your home. Here are some examples.

When wearing a black skirt with low-heeled Mary Janes, choose a skirt that comes to slightly above the knee. High-heeled Mary Janes should be worn with a skirt that ends at the knee. Woolen skirts are great to counter the sturdy style of the Mary Jane.

A long, slinky silk or clingy velvet black skirt will look great with high black stilettos. Pairing this style skirt and shoe will make one’s legs appear longer. A glittery evening top balances the slim lower half.

If you’d like to wear your black skirt with loafers, try a mid-calf length. It will look fun when put with loafers of any height and an interesting vest over a fitted t-shirt.

Or, choose boots!

Suede knee-high boots look very smart when worn with a knee-length black skirt

Doc Martens look terrific with a black miniskirt and a newsboy-style cap.

Wear a long, ankle-length black skirt with any type of ankle boots.

Accessorize Your Halloween Costume Smartly

  • Posted on April 14, 2014 at 7:58 am

Many women like to dress up no matter what age they are and they are usually fascinated in beautifying their looks. The same applies to the Halloween costume they are planning to wear to this year’s party as well.
Though there are thousands of costumes available to choose from and purchase, there are not many of them that come with all the wholesale fashion accessories needed to complete the outfit. Take for instance a pirate costume. Yes, they come with an eye patch and waistband, but what about the hat, the parrot, and the sword, that are needed to make the outfit look complete? These are the accessories that you are going to have to dig and search for, in stores, and in the homes of friends and family as well, to make you look as near to the real thing as possible.

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Women can accessorize their costumes with wigs, scarves, veils, jewelry, and stockings, and countless other things too, that are either bought, borrowed, or handmade. The point is that no costume, no matter how expensive it is, or how perfectly it is made, will look right without the correct accessories. Can you just imagine a cowgirl without a lasso, someone in a Ninja costume without the all-important nanchucks and a clown without its signature brightly colored hair and red nose? Without those little extras, the costumes will be absolutely unfinished.
Another great accessory you can use with your sexy Halloween costume is a mask. These are available for every costume imaginable, like historical, horror, action, hero, animals, and many, more. They are very popular, inexpensive, and yet do add that finishing touch to the appropriate costume.

Another great and inexpensive accessory that gives a lot of fun in the process is good old makeup. You can either use your own, everyday makeup, or you can go for one of the wide variety of makeup kits that are available in kit form, for specific themes and characters. Face paint is sold separately and is available in black and white, as well as other colors. Those who are really serious about the business of dressing up for Halloween can make use of stage makeup, which, even if you only have a little skill, will produce really professional-looking results.



Online Plus Size Lingerie Benefits You a Lot

  • Posted on April 11, 2014 at 6:21 am

For plus size ladies, there’s no have to be embarrassed about wearing attractive lingerie. Because there’s no barrier in the size of putting on attractive lingerie, you are able to also select to put on attractive plus size lingerie to show off the body kind.

If you’re going to purchase the plus size lingerie, you don’t need to visit the nearby lingerie shop, but you are able to turn to go buying on-line. Buying on-line should be the much better way for you to purchase your Wholesale Plus Size Lingerie. The very first factor about buying on-line would be to possess a spending budget. The following factor would be to know exactly where to look for what you would like. There are lots of on-line shops exactly where plus size lingerie is accessible and you may make your option following going to as numerous shops as you would like.

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If you are looking for to obtain some really appealing and distinctive lingerie as an excellent surprise for the husband or boyfriend, then you definitely certainly can go for some thing a little adventurous like animal prints or some great black lace or some thing that is really appealing. Even though you might not uncover such lingerie within the retail shops, discovering it on-line is no big feat at all. You’re in a position to go for appealing plus size lingerie and have enjoyable all you’d like. If you are a guy who desires to surprise your wife or girlfriend, an excellent higher high quality and appealing lingerie might just about do the trick for you personally. The simple aspect that you simply need to know will probably be the precise size in the plus size lingerie and also you might order it on-line.

On-line buying has grown a great deal and also you might even encounter promotional offers that could reduce the quantity considerable for you personally. Lingerie is for you to really feel fantastic and comfy and it doesn’t necessarily have to be very pricey. You can buy it affordable on-line and clearly, you’ll need to create particular that the shop is reliable and may offer the item on time for you to the correct place- www.shiyingsexylingerie.com.