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The Development Of Women’s Fine Lingerie

  • Posted on January 13, 2017 at 7:12 am
10140f9f2fdd61b0 The Development Of Womens Fine Lingerie

Rose Red Seamless Fishnet Hooded Dress

Nowadays, if the word lingerie” is mentioned, we immediately think of sexiness, sophistication, passion, and even eroticism. We usually imagine brassieres, panties, corsets and nighties made of black or red lace. If we are asked, the purpose of women’s fine lingerie is to make women feel sexy, and confident about their bodies.

However, fine lingerie was not really invented for this purpose. Lingerie was invented basically for the purpose of shape, hygiene and modesty. In the mid 1800′s and early 1900′s, lingerie was bulky and uncomfortable. Corsets, which were worn to support the breasts and to have a slimmer waistline, were known to be excruciatingly painful because it can make breathing hard. It definitely needed getting used to. Though it was considered fashion, most women hated wearing it.

Later on, the corset was replaced by the more favorable girdle because of its elasticity. The girdle was made of garter and it was comfortable to wear. In the 1960′s, the pantyhose was introduced. The pantyhose was a combination of the panty and the stockings. Though there are still corsets being manufactured and sold today, the girdle and the pantyhose are more popular.

Blake Lively’s Most Intriguing Looks of 2016

  • Posted on January 4, 2017 at 7:01 am
blake lively cannes 2016 versace blue Blake Livelys Most Intriguing Looks of 2016

GettyImages 629990990 Blake Livelys Most Intriguing Looks of 2016

Hinting at her past va-va-voom repertoire in this Versace number, Blake Lively opts for a tea length that’s more day appropriate at hubby Ryan Reynolds’ Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in December.

GettyImages 578670150 Blake Livelys Most Intriguing Looks of 2016

It’s patriotism, and florals, and breezy, and she’s loving it all.

GettyImages 576516754 Blake Livelys Most Intriguing Looks of 2016

There are a lot of trends going into one black-and-white Ungaro dress: accordion pleats, cutouts, and harnesses make for never-before-seen baby transport.

GettyImages 546917524 Blake Livelys Most Intriguing Looks of 2016

From the scallop detailing and bright coral hue, Blake makes a strong case for a Finding Nemo-inspired Jonathan Simkhai dress.

GettyImages 546742882 Blake Livelys Most Intriguing Looks of 2016

It’s two DVF dresses at once. That is all.

GettyImages 531579398 Blake Livelys Most Intriguing Looks of 2016

Did Blake confuse the dates for the Cannes Film Festival with the winter Olympics. Either way, she takes gold for women’s figure skating in custom Atelier Versace.

GettyImages 531209248 Blake Livelys Most Intriguing Looks of 2016

Ever the fashion (and Versace) enthusiast, Blake once again had a tough decision between two dresses and just went with both. We like the way you think, Lively!

GettyImages 531083284 Blake Livelys Most Intriguing Looks of 2016

Trust us, we live for a Liza Minnelli moment—and this Chanel house coat is all the pizzazz we Cannes handle (sorry, we had to).

GettyImages 530953578 Blake Livelys Most Intriguing Looks of 2016

In a triumphant series of Versace knockouts, Blake demonstrates how female designers like Donatella can help shatter the glass ceiling, by literally being the shattered glass ceiling.

GettyImages 510842774 Blake Livelys Most Intriguing Looks of 2016

Though we are literally living for this Michael Kors look, this photo was taken in frigid February. Note the man behind her who has never been colder.

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Have Fun With A Sweater Dress

  • Posted on November 30, 2016 at 9:34 am


LC27635 18 19551 1   Have Fun With A Sweater Dress

Apricot Knit Ribbed Slit Long Sleeves Mini Dress

It’s like a longer version of a pullover sweater; they come in different designs and different lengths. What are we talking about? What else but the sweater dress? Sweater dresses are good to keep you warm on a cold day and on any other day they are simply the kind of dress that you can wear anyway you want to and look chic. The question of whether you really need a sweater dress isn’t that important, but we think every girl should have at least one in their wardrobe. And why not? They are classics and so easy to match with everything else!

Gather the winter warmth in these cotton long sleeve sweater dresses. These dresses can be knitted or otherwise, and they would be able to keep you warm during those cold days. Don’t miss out on the hottest sweater dresses from Roaman S. Its Cutout Sweater Dress with Fringe is simply outrageously hot! Wide neck with sequin trim and cutout shoulder, the dress also features sequined straps at the cutout back. There are also leather fringe on the sleeves. Feel free to throw a trench coat on your back if you still cold. The dress is up to knee length only but don’t worry about your legs freezing; you can always take this opportunity to wear that fierce boots.

Everywhere You Look There’s Another Christmas Costume

  • Posted on November 18, 2016 at 9:41 am
 Everywhere You Look There’s Another Christmas Costume

Sexy Delightful Santa Sweetie Adult Costume

Most people think of Halloween as a time in which you dress up and pretend to be something you are not. What people fail to realize, is that there is one more time of the year in which you are bound to see people dressed up all over the place, Christmas! Although you may be scratching your head right now, you see people clad in different sorts of Christmas costume wear everywhere as soon as it hits the end of November.

Think about it, if you plan on giving your child a visit they will not soon forget, you are going to have to invest in a Christmas costume so that you can play Father Christmas. Almost every mall you visit is also going to have a few people dressed up in a Christmas costume, as you have Santa clause and elves everywhere waiting to fulfill children’s fantasies. In fact, you may even have to make a Christmas costume or two for your child’s Christmas pageant.
Behind every angel on the stage during the play is a mother who spent a few days tailoring the Christmas costume. Even the Salvation Army encourages volunteers to purchase or rent a Christmas costume because it makes people more willing to donate money to the cause. The simple truth of the matter is, that as Christmas gets nearer and nearer you almost will have to try to avoid people dressed up in a Christmas costume.
In fact, people who are pet people are even inspired to go out and look for a Christmas costume for their pets because who does not like to see a mini Father Christmas walking down the street. If you add pets into the scenario, you will start to feel the Christmas spirit is contagious and even considering purchasing a Christmas costume for yourself! Although really, everybody already has a Christmas costume, since the end of December brings out all the red and green people own in their closets.
It’s almost an unofficial Christmas costume itself, the pairing of red and green for every December social occasion! However, you cannot be too angered by it, because this costume means it is almost time for some gifts under the tree!