Do Petite Girls Need to Wear Ankle Boots With Leggings?

  • Posted on March 27, 2014 at 7:44 am

Many petite girls dare not to wear anklet boots as they can cut off the leg at what can look like an awkward area. But, you can still wear this fashionable anklet boots with leggings for good looks by keeping in mind a few simple style rules.

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Touch and Agree

Petite figures are best flattered by long leggings, rather than those that cut off around mid-calf. Sadly, short leggings make already-short legs look shorter. Full-length leggings are best for a long look, especially when they reach the tops of your footwear without showing a line of skin between the pant and the boot. This unbroken vertical line helps to make your figure look long and lean.

Meet Your Match

The lengthening effect of long leggings and ankle boots is amplified if the two pieces match in color. Black leggings and black ankle boots are an easy go-to standard, but other colors work this way too. Try leggings in a deep espresso brown and pair with mahogany-brown boots, or don charcoal leggings with black suede ankle boots for a similar lengthening effect.

Bottoms Up

Leggings always cover your butt, whether with shorts, skirts or a dress. When you’re picking some bottoms to cover your petite bottom, you’re better off staying on the short side. Choose short skirts, dresses and even shorts to wear over your leggings, as they won’t interfere with the long line your leggings and ankle boots create. Try cut-off denim skirts or shorts for an edgy touch, or a sleek and structured skirt that hits just above the knee for an office-ready look.

Finishing Touches

Just because long, dark leggings flatter you best, doesn’t mean you should feel locked into one style of leggings. Your small frame means you can play with colors, textures and finishes other than plain opaque; try shiny leather leggings, for instance, or steamy lace ones. Mix up basic black with burgundy or purple, and try subtle patterns, such as hounds tooth or plaid, for extra fashion flair.


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