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How to Wear Swimwear with Horizontal Strips

  • Posted on February 9, 2014 at 8:59 am
 How to Wear Swimwear with Horizontal Strips

Dear-lover, wholesale Colorful Stripes Ruffled Trim Bikini

When it comes to wearing swimwear, we all lose a bit of our self confidence. But there are many tricks you can use to make sure you look as good as you can in your swimwear and the use of stripes has always been a well know one.
Due to the flattening effect of the horizontal stripe, take care when choosing it in a bikini. A horizontal stripe can flatten your bust and make you look bottom heavy. Though it is flattering for bumps you don’t want, you really don’t want the stripes to take it away from the bumps you do want.
It is ideal for you to use stripes on your bottom half and use a block colour on your top. Avoid a black or minimizing colour, unless you really want to tone down your top half, but go for a colorful bright coordinating colour which will keep you in trend and feeling great during the summer months.
If you are top heavy, horizontal stripes can reduce the apparent size of your bust, but to make this work effectively you do have to ensure your bikini top is well fitting, any over spillage will accentuate your size make you look like you tried to get into a child’s bikini.
For wholesale swimming costumes and tankinis, horizontal stripes are a great way to produce an attractive and slimming appearance. Use swimwear with integrated padding or under wire to make sure your bust is not lost, and use halter neck designs to give your bust a lift and keep you on trend with this seasons style.
When choosing a swimsuit with differing widths of stripes, you need to be careful of where the big stripes hit. Bigger stripes on the bust will give the appearance of increased size, whereas bigger stripes on the hips and bum may not be the look you are going for.
Whatever swimwear you choose, make sure that you choose a colour and a style that you feel confident in. It’s time to hit the beach. Do not hesitate to log onto our online store in and look for a perfect swimwear to flatter your figure and stand out in the crowd on the beach. Also find out our 2014 new fashion peplum dresses.