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Choose the Right Color of Bikini for Your Skin Tone

  • Posted on February 19, 2014 at 8:50 am
Sexy Push up Bikini Set in Red LC40404 Choose the Right Color of Bikini for Your Skin Tone

Dear-lover, wholesale Sexy Push-up Bikini Set in Red

There is always a great type of bikini for any type of woman. Different bikini colors will be best for women with different types of bodies. A soft pastel color is going to be best for a woman with lighter colored skin. Good examples of soft pastel colors including light blue, light green, beige, tan and gray colors.

People with medium skin tones should look into using medium hued colors. These include colors like green and purple. These colors can work well with one’s skin color and make a woman look more visible and impressive.

A bright color can be something that can create a cooked appearance to a woman who has been tanning. A color that is closer to one’s normal skin tone can also be used if one’s body features skin that can be easily tanned. This is especially great in that it can allow a woman to get her natural body to be emphasized properly. This is only going to be best for a woman who plans on spending a good amount of time tanning. A person with a darker skin color should look to use a new style white bikini. White can be used as a complementary color for one’s skin.

Even black can be used but it helps to use black as one of the last options for a bikini for dark skin. These are great colors for women to see when using bikinis on the beach. These colors can be ones that will vary in intensity and offer unique appearances. Be sure to take a look at these things when getting a bikini ready.

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Select women’s or girls ‘ swimwear tips

  • Posted on June 5, 2012 at 1:35 am

Select womens or girls swimwear tips 187x300 Select womens or girls  swimwear tips

For every women, select one piece sexy swimwear suit to their body shapes, personality, is very important. Some recommendations below are for reference only.
(1) Siamese swimwear: Siamese swimwear is the safest, most classic swimsuit dress up, is an excellent choice for shy Lady.
(2) flat feet-swimwear: for women not willing to express themselves, flat foot bathing suits are more conservative,but its drawback is that will make legs look shorter, so carefully selected. Klein swimwear is also suitable for people who have the slim legs to wear.
(3) high-waist swimwear: micro-bursting tummy ladies should select high-waist swimwear, it is best to mix Twill, can take this up to waist effect also take advantage of this distraction, achieve cosmetic effect.
(4) skirt style swimwear: hips flat of ladies, select skirt style swimwear is very suitable, you can visually beautified the hip line and show beautiful legs.
(5) split swimwear: is a stylish selection of ladies, well built Lady can choose.
(6) v-neck even swimwear: If your breast is plump, waist and hips are mast, select the even v-neck swimsuit, but the pattern not too fancy, otherwise it will affect results.
(7) bikinis swimwear: it has always been thought that bikini is a well built woman’s patent, even if you do not have a good figure, as long as the selection of appropriate bikini, also able to cleverly disguise shortcomings of figure, show you the charm. (Special attention to style and match color)If you want more sexy swimwears please browse the dear lover site,you can search many sexy items.