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Do Corsets Help Your Figure?

  • Posted on March 4, 2014 at 9:17 am

Corsets reshape your body, creating a smooth, hourglass silhouette. Today, corsets are commonly worn as lingerie or for historical costuming; however, they may also be worn in lieu of a modern body shaper. The modern corset typically cinches the waistline and supports the bust, while historical corsets may have a slightly different shape.

How Corsets Work

Corsets mechanically reshape the waist, creating a smaller waistline and a more rounded silhouette. The body looks narrower from the front when corseted, even with only minimal waist reduction. Quality corsets rely upon steel boning, durable fabrics and secure, strong laces to reshape the body. Wearing a corset can provide support to the back — but it also shifts the position of the organs and reduces the ability to eat full meals, breathe comfortably and move freely.

Corset Styles

While styles vary, the underbust corset is preferred for waist shaping and waist training. This is the most comfortable corset to wear, allowing a moderate degree of movement. A Victorian-style underbust corset extends relatively low over the stomach, limiting any protrusion of the belly area, curves in dramatically at the waist and ends below the breasts. Custom-made to fit your body, the corset will create the appearance of a slimmer, curvier shape.

Weight Loss and Long-Term Changes

Corsets, by virtue of restricting the waist and stomach, limit food intake somewhat. Eating a large meal may be uncomfortable and the corset is apt to cause some amount of indigestion. Worn regularly, a corset may, therefore, lead to weight loss. When the original corsets were worn regularly, they could permanently change the waist, creating an hourglass shape — though this practice is not supported by the modern medical community.


While occasional corset wear is likely harmless, if you’re planning to wear one regularly, you should consult your doctor. The corset compresses the lungs and liver and may lead to constipation. Check with your health care provider to determine that your lungs and liver are healthy and avoid corsets altogether before age 21, as the organs are not fully developed.

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Spice Up Your Wedding Night with Bridal Lingerie

  • Posted on January 6, 2014 at 9:09 am
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Wedding is a happy event for the bride and groom. However, it is the bride that gets stressed. Women are hands on with wedding preparations. Aside from planning the whole wedding day, women should consider about the wedding night.

Yes, the wedding night tends to be very important for the new couples. The bride needs to find a piece of seductive bridal lingerie to please and entice the groom.

Luckily, there is a lot of sexy bridal lingerie available in the online market for bride to choose from. But with the endless options, it can be harder for bride to choose a perfect piece of sexy lingerie to suit her body type and flatter her figure. Of course, if you spend enough time in searching for it, you will find the best lingerie to show off your curves.

Brides who are shy of showing off their legs can find a piece of alluring babydoll lingerie to show off their curves but not their legs. In the wedding days, bride can wear the cheap corsets to have an hourglass figure.

Some bride may think they can just repeat some of their lingerie wears for the honeymoon night but come to think of it. It is a special night. It is your first night as a couple thus it is important to show off to your husband, entice him and tease him for a wild evening and it would be more exciting knowing that you have something new to offer to him.


Plus Size Lingerie Can Be Charming

  • Posted on December 13, 2013 at 6:34 am
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Stunning and attractive lingerie for bigger sizes is no longer hard to discover. As being a plus size lady, you’ve numerous wonderful options in plus size lingerie these days.

While you store for plus size lingerie, consider your wardrobe requirements. Are you currently searching for an erotic item or some thing much more soft and romantic? Complete figure lingerie is accessible in any fashion you would like from silk nightwear to attractive corsets.

Curvy figures function towards the benefit for ladies searching for big dimension lingerie. For ladies with complete deep cleavage and hourglass waists and women’s plus size lingerie is produced to accentuate the positives not hide them. You would like fashionable comfy choices to get a fuller figure. An benefit to buying plus

Spice up your wardrobe with a plus size corset. Cheap corsets really are an attractive option and may include feminine touches for your each day function clothes. Permit a bit attractive little bit of lace peek out in the V of one’s sweater neck. It will be a big surprise for your men.

Fuller figured ladies frequently really feel that you will find no options for them in briefs except previous fashioned granny panties. No longer do you have to be restricted to white complete sized briefs. We’ve numerous fantastic sexy plus size lingerie and thongs. Pair a beautiful attractive thong with your corset and it will be rather attractive.