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How to Buy Costume Jewelry?

  • Posted on June 19, 2014 at 9:16 am
Gothic Red Rose Lace Bracelet with Ring LC0879 How to Buy Costume Jewelry?

Dear-lover, wholesale Gothic Red Rose Lace Bracelet with Ring

Many jewelry buffs have discovered some real treasures in the costume jewelry cases at department stores and antique shops. Costume pieces are made of materials that are less valuable than fine jewelry, and usually feature glass, plastic or synthetic stones rather than precious gems. Because the fake “jewels” are less expensive than the real thing, they often come in larger, flashier styles.

Prices of costume jewelry vary greatly; you can find costume jewelry pieces that cost under $10, but you may also discover higher quality pieces that cost several hundred dollars or more. Some of the vintage costume jewelry pieces carry a heftier price-tag but are particularly well-made, often featuring unusual designs and lots of sparkle. If you are in the market for costume jewelry, here are some tips to help you find just the right piece to add to your collection.

1. Check out the widest possible range of costume jewelry pieces. Consider vintage pieces as well as new items.

2. In addition to the traditional jewelry items, look for more unusual accessories such as fur clips, tack pins and sweater guards.

3. Spend some time browsing in the jewelry department of your local department store.

?4. Remember that mall chain stores often have small jewelry collections with pieces that are relatively inexpensive.

?5. Visit antique shops and consignment stores for older costume jewelry pieces. Look at the more expensive pieces displayed in locked cases of the store.

?6. Also try digging through bins of jewelry to find that “diamond in the rough.”

?7. Remember that the quality and price of costume jewelry span a huge range. Higher-quality costume jewelry can be pricier. Check the color of the metal, the quality of the stones and how the items are glued or welded together to determine the quality of an item.


Latest beautiful feather earrings are hot sell in 2012

  • Posted on November 6, 2012 at 1:01 am

Latest beautiful feather earrings are hot sell in 2012 200x300 Latest beautiful feather earrings are hot sell in 2012

Feather earrings are one of the few things that can never go out of fashion. Men and women in ancient times used beautiful, vibrantly colored feathers to adorn their beauty. They Wholesale Christmas Costume in their hair, neck and around the waist. So it’s safe to say that feathers have been an ancient fashion statement. And feather earrings are keeping this trend alive. Today, almost everywhere you go, you can find somebody sporting a fabulous pair of feather earrings. You can get feather earrings in a multitude of colors, shapes and styles. These earrings can go with any look or any dress you are wearing.

The purple feather earrings are long, sleek, and sexy! With bronze-plated hooks and ultra-feminine feathers, these are a perfect finishing touch to your graceful look. You truly deserve this gift of nature and fashion this season.May contain nickel.Dear-lover aims to bring the hottest, sexiest and irresistible fashions and accessories right to your doorstep. Feel free to shop with us! Along with our sexy costumes, the wholesale accessories and jewelry are necessary equipment to complete your outfit.Do not forget to take a look at our sexy bustier catalogue where you can get the suitable clothing to shape a sexy figure. Satin Underwire Bustier With Thong is a hot seller here. Hope you like this piece.

Feather earrings are made from a large variety of feathers. In fact, they can be made out of absolutely any kind of feathers from any bird. Peacock feathers are one of the most popular kinds of feathers used to make earrings. Apart from these, rooster tail feathers, ostrich feathers and Sexy Christmas Costume too are popular choices. But the scope of feather earrings is not limited to any particular kind of feathers. Feather earrings can be made from pretty much any kind of feathers. There are plain feathers, colored feathers, striped, un-striped, dyed, bleached etc. A huge collection of feathers is utilized to make feather earrings.