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The Romantic Jewelry will Catch Everyone’s Eyes

  • Posted on August 4, 2013 at 4:02 am

Romantic jewelry is that jewelry that makes you feel special, different, like a princess or a prince. That jewelry that takes you out of your normal dull life each time you put it on.

Gold is a popular metal for jewelry. I love silver and platinum and there are other metals that make wholesale fashion jewelry, but there is nothing like the romance of gold. To wear gold is to wear the jewelry of kings and queens. For example, in ancient Egypt, only the pharaohs and those favored by the pharaohs were permitted to wear gold. This feeling of being special and above the fray has continued to the modern day. If you want to feel like royalty, gold is the answer.

Another kind of jewelry which will make you feel romantic is the jewelry which is made of pearls. Pearls feel wonderful against your skin. They are sensuous and mysterious. To look deeply into a fine pearl is to look into eternity.

Pearls have been prized in all time periods and all cultures. Historically baroque pearls were used to make wonderful and fantastic jewelry by embellishing them with gold gems. Frequently these took the shape of Neptune or other Greek gods, sirens, beautiful women and animals. The   Canning Jewel in the Victoria and Albert museum is a famous and elaborate use of a baroque as the base for a handsome merman.

By the way, if you wear pearls, do wear them against your skin, it is good for them, but make sure that you do not wear any perfume, scent or lotion, at least not where it might contact your pearls.

The shape of jewelry can also carry a romantic message. Hearts and clasped hands, hands holding a heart and cupids are self explanatory, but some shapes are a bit more subtle. For instance, the Heart Pearl and Rhinestone Necklace And Earrings Set, which is made with white rhinestone. It is beautiful and shining and fits to any evening dress or club dress. We are sure that you will catch everyone’s eyes when you wear it.

So the next time you are rooting through your jewel box before that special try

Heart Pearl and Rhinestone Necklace And Earrings Set LC0809 The Romantic Jewelry will Catch Everyone’s Eyes

Dear-lover,wholesale fashion jewelry, Heart Pearl and Rhinestone Necklace And Earrings Set

or looking for the perfect gift for the perfect lover, consider the symbolic romance of jewelry and gems.