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Top 6 tips for choosing swimwear from

  • Posted on March 20, 2013 at 2:23 am

At this season of every year, many people will begin to consider how they should celebrate the coming summer. Maybe a seaside holiday, or just playing in the swimming pool in the community, but usually for purchasing a beautiful swimwear  to open the prelude of summer celebration. Anyway, any water-related activities will be most popular in summer, and the fashion sexy swimwear is necessary. For designers, it is much more difficult to design the amazing swimwear than other designs; For consumers, it is also not so easy to select the perfect wholesale swimwear for different occasions.

You can take part in many activities held at the water’s edge with one piece of fashion swimwear, but just one piece is far from enough. Do exercise for half an hour in the swimming pool, playing water for fun on the water park with a friend, or just want to enjoy the sense and sunshine on the beach , if you are “with the same swimwear,” it is for from enough not matter in fashion-compromised or practicality. According to different occasions, choose the right swimsuit is important, such as sportswear must be fitting, and casual swimwear can be more accessories or design to decorate.

One-piece swimwear and bikini are still the popular swimwear in the summer, and both are combined many trend elements in detail, such as pierced trim, single shoulder design, deep v design element which fuzz up the impression of one-piece bikini and bikini among the “traditional” and “sexy” boundaries; They add the most popular image and decorative pattern beside the classical black, white and red color which offer more choices for shopping,  people can select the perfect swimwear according to their figure shape and occasions neatly.

Swimming pool always with some kind of magic that is difficult to resist in the summer, it always make people can’t help to have an affectionate touch. The best choice for swimming sports-loving girl is the simple style, of course. Although the trim design does not have a lot of special treatment, there is no strong sense of decoration designed for movement, it is absolutely still the safest choice. And this summer many swimwear manufacturers spend much fancy energy on the classical design: Colorful designs are frequently used for matching the summer which are bold and warm; Many African style printing and fancy geometry pattern are widely printed in swimwear; Pierced trim also shows its charm in details which is slight but also enough to show the sexiness of female beauty in the swimwear pool.

1. Large floral pattern is with sense of expansion on the visual, which is suitable for slim girls; Fragmentized flower with India favor design is more suitable for crummy women.
2. If you want to lengthen the leg line, it is necessary to avoid the design of flat feet and choose high-leg swimwear which can stretch the line’s high.

Playing with water
Compared with swimming, much more people are fond of the cool of the water instead, which maybe for playing on the beach or surfacing on the water park. The decoration of the swimwear is more important for those interested in water playing.  Bikini would be pretty choice, and there are lots of boob tube top neck hanging-style designs, combined with light simple patterned or bright and complex folds, that can turn up teen girls’ sexy girl or old Hollywood movies. If you want to play the sexy lady, you can also choose a pierced design one-piece swimwear, the clipping and splicing on the waist, chest front and back are full of funs and nature. Swimwear dotted with golden chain and shining pearls make it possible to turn into “punk girl” easily on seaside.

1. Fold designs in front the chest and tube design will extend the effect of fullness, so is not suitable for chesty girl.
2. Please avoid waist cutout designs if you are fat waist girl, also avoid the design of chest deep v and backs pierced.

After playing in the sunshine, you may want to have a a fireworks show in the evening. Just a little change, such as some little accessories, your swimwear can keep you warm and add sexiness. Adding a piece of sarong is easy and fine. Sarong is also one of the highlights of this summer for many swimsuit brands. In addition, you can also choose casual design swimwear. Presumably many swimwear manufacturers has thinking about it and some swimwear collection has three pieces set which add another coat besides the classical two pieces swimsuit, and it is usually with thin yarn small coat of design, light skirts or pants. In color pattern there are not only navy stripe design to match the beach pretty, but also flirty flowers pattern, of course these items are also the best selections for sexy stature.

1. Dear-Lover swim dress with little lace decorated can modify the imperfect hips and the curve of leg. It is more practical for detachable three-piece suits since you can take off the coat and go swimming directly.
2. Only split swimsuits are suitable for matching with small skirts or little tulle; if it is one-piece swimwear, any decoration is completely superfluous.