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Rose Underbust Corset is really perfect and sexy

  • Posted on September 4, 2012 at 2:25 am

Rose Underbust Corset With Floral Design LC5238 200x300 Rose Underbust Corset is really perfect and sexy

An sexy underbust corset will hugely enhance or even create your hourglass figure while not overly flattening the bust, which is very useful when you want to wear an outfit that will also enhance this area. The corset will also greatly enhance the fit of any garment and greatly compliment the overall effect of your outfit so that you will look your best and feel the most confident when going out.

The Rose Underbust Corset With Floral Design is manufactured to the highest standards. Inspired by the late Victorian underbust style, it is in keeping with classical vintage look. 100% fine cotton twill lining. features modesty panel. strong corsert cord lacing. The sweet rose also makes it look romantic. The underbust corsets in our sexy corsets and bustiers collection will mold to your shape rather than being restrictive; pleated trim on the top and bottom is to clearly show the angles and shape the corset creates.Our dear lover rose underbust looks really charming and sexy this style corset can wear outfit or become sexy lingerie.You can wear it in any occasions then catch many people’s eyeballs.

Of course this style of corset is also the most useful and most appropriate for most lingerie outfits, especially the short hip variety. The reason for this is that it once again leaves the bust and hip areas free so that you can experiment with multiple combinations of other outfits to add variety to your fashion tastes. This will also prevent your falling into the trap of buying an outfit and only wearing it once, especially when it comes to lingerie. More sexy corsets please browse dear lover site find the style that you like.