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2 Popular Types of Vintage Corsets

  • Posted on May 19, 2014 at 7:55 am
Black Steampunk Zipper Front Corset LC5339 2 Popular Types of Vintage Corsets

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If you want to have an elegant retro look, vintage corset is a good choice for women. Designed to reduce the waistline and create the perfect hourglass figure, the gorgeous corsets can be hidden beneath blouses and shirts or they can be worn as tops.
The vintage corsets are available in a wide range of styles. Regardless of the design, a corset can accentuate your curves only when it fits tightly to the torso. A well-fitted corset should also be comfortable. Made from good quality fabrics and with strong boning material to support it, vintage corsets are an essential item in the wardrobe of fashionable women.
Underbust corsets start from the waist and finish below the bust line. Reducing the waistline is the pain purpose for wearing underbust corsets. Underbust corsets are highly versatile. Apart from the classic black underbust corset, the corsets come in white, red, purple, green and other colour shades.
However, if you are looking for something that is more elaborate than the classic waist cincher is, choose a vintage overbust corset. This corset style can be worn as a top. In addition to reducing the waistline, the overbust corset also supports the bust line. The best quality overbust corsets come with steel boning. Overbust corsets with plastic boning are affordable and comfortable. They offer different neckline options. Small breasts appear fuller by wearing overbust corsets with straight neckline. Sweetheart overbust corsets are suitable for all types of bust sizes. Overbust corsets with plunge neckline are appropriate for women with larger breasts. Halter neck corsets are designed to suit all women regardless of bust size.

Do Corsets Help Your Figure?

  • Posted on March 4, 2014 at 9:17 am

Corsets reshape your body, creating a smooth, hourglass silhouette. Today, corsets are commonly worn as lingerie or for historical costuming; however, they may also be worn in lieu of a modern body shaper. The modern corset typically cinches the waistline and supports the bust, while historical corsets may have a slightly different shape.

How Corsets Work

Corsets mechanically reshape the waist, creating a smaller waistline and a more rounded silhouette. The body looks narrower from the front when corseted, even with only minimal waist reduction. Quality corsets rely upon steel boning, durable fabrics and secure, strong laces to reshape the body. Wearing a corset can provide support to the back — but it also shifts the position of the organs and reduces the ability to eat full meals, breathe comfortably and move freely.

Corset Styles

While styles vary, the underbust corset is preferred for waist shaping and waist training. This is the most comfortable corset to wear, allowing a moderate degree of movement. A Victorian-style underbust corset extends relatively low over the stomach, limiting any protrusion of the belly area, curves in dramatically at the waist and ends below the breasts. Custom-made to fit your body, the corset will create the appearance of a slimmer, curvier shape.

Weight Loss and Long-Term Changes

Corsets, by virtue of restricting the waist and stomach, limit food intake somewhat. Eating a large meal may be uncomfortable and the corset is apt to cause some amount of indigestion. Worn regularly, a corset may, therefore, lead to weight loss. When the original corsets were worn regularly, they could permanently change the waist, creating an hourglass shape — though this practice is not supported by the modern medical community.


While occasional corset wear is likely harmless, if you’re planning to wear one regularly, you should consult your doctor. The corset compresses the lungs and liver and may lead to constipation. Check with your health care provider to determine that your lungs and liver are healthy and avoid corsets altogether before age 21, as the organs are not fully developed.

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Red Sequin Corset with Tutu Skirt LC5318 3 Do Corsets Help Your Figure?

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What Clothes Can Wear with a Corset

  • Posted on July 29, 2013 at 3:58 am

As for most women, they wear a corset usually on their wedding day. That is to say, the corset can wear with the wedding dresses. Of course, the corsets women wear with their wedding dresses are aimed at making them look sexier and fantastic.

In addition, the skirt can also be worn with a corset. And the outfit can be worn on any occasion. Just imagine that you wear the black and red lace up corset, which is beautifully designed with an open back with adjustable cross lacing and will hug any body shape and look gorgeous for any occasion. It is completed with a black lace trim, top and bottom, boasting one red bow ribbon at the top and two red bow ribbons at the bottom of the corset. Besides, it is best for you to show off your waistline. So why not just try the corset on to show off your sexy figure?

Businesswomen always like to wear fashionable and tight-fitting suits. Then lace corsets are very useful for them as the corset will make them look better and help them sit straight, giving a reason for people think of you as a confident and resolute woman.

The cheap wholesale corsets can be used to wear with casual clothing, too. For such outfits, the corset must be tight enough below the waist and must form a flat stomach. With jeans, a belt is essential because most waistbands are far too big for a laced waist. Standard clothes also go well with corsets, but most of them have to be altered. Thin summer dresses with a broad belt around the waist are especially beautiful and girl-like.

Designer clothes are not a must because with a corset you’re going to attract more attention than with the most expensive designer clothing.


black and red lace up corset LC5063 What Clothes Can Wear with a Corset

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Latest trend corsets are hot sell in dear lover site

  • Posted on February 4, 2013 at 7:49 pm

Latest trend corsets are hot sell in dear lover site 200x300 Latest trend corsets are hot sell in dear lover site

In present times however, most women put on a sexy corset for sensation and for the sake of glorifying their physical features and this means that the present day corsets have evolved greatly from what they originally were centuries ago. Contrary to the olden times, corsets are almost always worn as undergarments today and also come with wholesale swimwear and colors to attract its audience. The corset’s effect by comparison is dramatic, and with a clear shaping purpose if worn as an outside garment. It simultaneously expresses independence, femininity and elegance, but also power and dominance. Men of all orientations, are into wearing corsets as well, primarily because they enjoy the support and the feeling of constriction. From this perspective the corset is gender neutral.

This Fleurette Molded Cup Corset was designed for the lady in the streets who is a vixen in the sheets. Sheer power knit and hidden stays keep you looking slender and smooth while underwires, stretch piping and satin bows with rosettes enhance your bust. Accent bows and rosettes draw the eye down towards the garters.You will leave people in parties speechless by wearing our sexy gowns or fashion dresses. We can assure you that our products reach our costumers all over the world in prime condition. And you will be satisfied with them.If you want to try something uncommon, Beautys Love Pant Sets may be an ideal one. Wearing it will absolutely make you the focus.

No matter what the form or size of a woman is, she can always put on corsets and instantly feel appealing. And the most wonderful thing about a sexy corset is that women of all ages can wear it and look as stunning as any young lady. No matter how disfigured one is, a corset can transform the entire look of its wearer.Almost readily available in all renowned garment shops now, the trend of a sexy corset has once again captured the minds of its audience with its absolute wholesale bikini manufacturer. And with the corsets now coming rapidly back into the fashion world, we may well see a remarkable revival of this suppressed treasure.