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Select women’s or girls ‘ swimwear tips

  • Posted on June 5, 2012 at 1:35 am

Select womens or girls swimwear tips 187x300 Select womens or girls  swimwear tips

For every women, select one piece sexy swimwear suit to their body shapes, personality, is very important. Some recommendations below are for reference only.
(1) Siamese swimwear: Siamese swimwear is the safest, most classic swimsuit dress up, is an excellent choice for shy Lady.
(2) flat feet-swimwear: for women not willing to express themselves, flat foot bathing suits are more conservative,but its drawback is that will make legs look shorter, so carefully selected. Klein swimwear is also suitable for people who have the slim legs to wear.
(3) high-waist swimwear: micro-bursting tummy ladies should select high-waist swimwear, it is best to mix Twill, can take this up to waist effect also take advantage of this distraction, achieve cosmetic effect.
(4) skirt style swimwear: hips flat of ladies, select skirt style swimwear is very suitable, you can visually beautified the hip line and show beautiful legs.
(5) split swimwear: is a stylish selection of ladies, well built Lady can choose.
(6) v-neck even swimwear: If your breast is plump, waist and hips are mast, select the even v-neck swimsuit, but the pattern not too fancy, otherwise it will affect results.
(7) bikinis swimwear: it has always been thought that bikini is a well built woman’s patent, even if you do not have a good figure, as long as the selection of appropriate bikini, also able to cleverly disguise shortcomings of figure, show you the charm. (Special attention to style and match color)If you want more sexy swimwears please browse the dear lover site,you can search many sexy items.

Sexy flowery bandeau top bikini in 2012

  • Posted on May 27, 2012 at 4:25 am

Sexy flowery bandeau top bikini in 2012 195x300  Sexy flowery bandeau top bikini in 2012

During the summer, temperatures rise and there is reason for hitting the beach to cool off. Women look for means to lose weight so as to fit into that wholesale sexy bikini in their closets. The perfect bikini body is something most women want; therefore, change of diet and gym training will help to achieve the best results.The bikini swimwear is a two-piece bathing suit mostly worn by women. The bikini has gained a lot of popularity since it was developed in 1946. Bikinis are the most adaptable and classic bikini swimwear. There are different bikinis for different body types available in the market. The well known styles of bikinis are monokini and tankini which keep being modernized to stay in the market. When choosing a bikini you should choose one that will last for some time.

Our dear lover site Sexy Flowery Bandeau Top is a very sexy and beautiful kind of bikini. Moderate coverage. Fully lined. Adjustable back hook closure, and includes a removable wide tie strap. High waist banded bottom. Made by quality fabrics, Sexy Flowery Bandeau Top provides a smooth silhouette with a silky-soft feel. Need Beach Sarong Pareo sales independent. Many sexy bikinis in dear-lover suit an A to C cup, very common to most ladies. So you can find your size and style here. Sexy Flowery Bandeau Top bikini is latest trend and newest style in online shop the good-looking, many women like the flower design.

If you haven’t purchase a swimwear for summer you can choose the flowery bandeau top bikini to have a try, I think you will love it and will be attracted with its charming design.

Metallic Monokini swimwear top choices for summer

  • Posted on May 24, 2012 at 1:16 am

Metallic Monokini swimwear top choices for summer 182x300 Metallic Monokini  swimwear top choices for summer

Today’s monokini is used by those less likely to find themselves in the water as much as the sexy swimwear model looking to wow the onlooker. Monokini swimwear has become the essential must have in any girl’s summer wardrobe. As essential as the simple tie side bikini, equally a monokini is perfect for those awkward “fat days”. A true fashion monokini is cut to highlight the sensual curves of all women yet can cleverly combine with a sarong, beach shorts or flirty skirt to create an ideal after 5 pool look or a fabulous outfit for an all day music festival or friends gathering.

Our site Metallic Monokini Romper Silver let you look with low cut front, halter neck, tie back, cut out detail and full coverage, tie side bottom look sexy and luxury. Many customers find that Metallic Monokini Romper Silver this newest style is good-looking highlight women’s body. As you know Monokini is one piece swimwear so it’s very easy to wear also stunning looks and is assured to capture the stares of admiring onlookers.

Monokini swimwear provides the not so confident and in fact the super confident girls that chance to be a little more discrete or possibly a little more seductive than the traditional bikini offers.If you don’t know how to choose the swimwear Metallic Monokini Romper Silver is you best choice. Finding a right swimwear for yourself is important in summer, monokini silver can let you Satisfaction when you wear it so change and make you beautiful with this hot style in hot summer more sexy swimwears you should find them in dear lover site.

Limelight Catwalk Swimsuit perfect swimwear in summer

  • Posted on May 18, 2012 at 1:19 am

Limelight Catwalk Swimsuit perfect swimwear in summer  165x300 Limelight Catwalk Swimsuit perfect swimwear in summer

When summer hits, there is usually one place most people of all walks of life congregate: the beach. During this time of the year, you will be treated to a plethora of sun, sand, and, whether you like it or not, swimsuits and bikinis of many styles and shapes. Wholesale sexy Summer is the only time people can flaunt their stuff, and having fun while doing so.

There are many kinds of swimsuit everywhere, inspired from the classic black and white twin spiral design, our Dear Lover Limelight Catwalk Swimsuit offers a visual impact at the first sight for most people. Bra top and shorts included in this wholesale sexy swimsuit. If you are the one who have the special fondness on black and white, you should not miss this Limelight Catwalk Swimsuit from Dear Lover wholesale lingerie online store.

Picking the right swimwear can usually make or break a good beach outing. It is a common fact that if you wear the right swimwear for you, you will get people’s attention, and in summer, attention is a very good thing. It is no wonder that in the field of swimwear, designer ones are almost always a top choice. The designer Limelight Catwalk Swimsuit is comfort and stylish, you will have confidence knowing that you are wearing Limelight Catwalk Swimsuit from dear lover site that is just as unique as you.