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Let’s Know Lingerie Together

  • Posted on January 13, 2014 at 8:57 am
Romantic Valentine Pink Babydoll Nightie Lingerie LC21002 Let’s Know Lingerie Together

Dear-lover, wholesale Romantic Valentine Pink Babydoll Nightie Lingerie

Lingerie originates from the brilliantly seductive French language. Over the last century, the term has taken on a   more attractive meaning in the English language.
With lingerie well established in the fashion world, new designs and inspiration flooded the marketplace. The patent soon led to the bra replacing the corset as the undergarment of choice, backed up by the more functional work roles that women adopted during the First World War. This inevitably affected the development of lingerie, with more and more featuring the bra, instead of wholesale under bust corset.
Silk, lace and sheer fabrics were the main materials used in the production of wholesale cheap lingerie, however, as new fabrics were invented the industry quickly integrated them to improve the shape fitting, lifting and stretching properties of underwear.
As the century progressed the list of different forms of lingerie expanded to include many different types of underwear. Basques, baby-dolls and petticoats were added to by thongs, bras and teddy.
Lingerie has evolved significantly over the last century and a half and it will no doubt continue to change as fashion trends change. Lingerie gifts remain to this day one of the most popular gift choices on Valentine’s Day, romantic birthdays and even Christmas Day. How the industry will evolve over the next century will be interesting to see.  Bras that fasten themselves might be a welcome invention.