How to Wear a Thong Bikini?

  • Posted on April 17, 2014 at 7:39 am

 Sexy Secret Beaded Halter Top and Panty Bikini Swimwear LC40667 How to Wear a Thong Bikini?

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 The first time you try on a thong bikini, wear it for an hour then take it off. The next day wear it for a couple of hours or more if you are comfortable. The thong bikini is like anything else in life, it takes a little bit of time for your body to familiarize itself to the unrestricted freedom of movement.
Open the thong bikini to expose its inner lining with the leg holes open and lay it on the floor in front of you with the bum strap pointing towards you, “As it would be worn on your body”
Simply step into you new thong bikini and pull it up into position. Position the front to give you the desired coverage and at a comfortable height. Then pull up the bum strap so that it lays flat against your backside.
After wearing your new thong bikini, you will become so accustomed to its freedom, not to mention the positive feeling you will have while wearing it that no other bikini style will do.
Taking into consideration the limited amount of material used to make a thong bikini, purchasing the correct size of thong bikini is essential to the experience. A thong bikini does not fit exactly the same as a regular bikini.
  Thong bikinis wholesale are no different than regular bikinis for sizing or thong underwear for that matter. Normally thong bikinis come in the following sizes, Extra Small-XS, Small-S, Medium-M, Large-L, or Extra Large-LL or XL.
If you are going to buy a sexy thong to flatter your figure this summer, try to find the one that will make you feel comfortable and stunning.


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