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Save money By Shopping Different Bra Types Online

  • Posted on April 27, 2013 at 2:01 am

The Sexy bra is one of the most important type of  Sexy lingerie  that is used to provide great support and comfort to the breasts. However, wearing a wrong bra type can lead to many  problems. Therefore, it is necessary for every woman to comprehend  the common bra types so that she could select the right type.

1. Push bra: This bra type is very popular nowadays. They push the breast up and creates an obvious  cleavage. It also creates the illusion of fuller and larger breast. Therefore, they bing  a good choice for women with smaller breasts. This bra with a thick size cup so that can provide you a look of having fuller  breasts. Women with larger breasts can also use push-up bra to avoid sagging of breasts. The end result of using this bra is that you will feel more confident and feminine.

2. Strapless bra: This type of bra is designed without straps and generally have a wide band for support. Strapless bra is a perfect choice for halter and strapless dresses. So women who like to wear such dresses must have a good strapless bra in her lingerie collection. It is necessary  to have a strapless bra incorrect size because tightly fitted bra will leave you short of breast and loose bra will lead to excessive exposure    

3. Transparent bra: These bras generally come in lace, fine mesh or microfiber fabric. Transparent bra is a perfect choice to spice up your sexual  and romantic life. You will get many designs and sizes in transparent bra.

4. Sports bra: This bra  type   is  fabricated  to support the breasts during the workout. It is a great selection  to wear during vigorous  activities.

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Girls Accessory for the Right Place and Time

  • Posted on April 25, 2013 at 4:16 am


The most disastrous thing a girl could do is by wearing wrong accessories at the wrong time. You could be a complete fashion disaster. Definitely, the skull with a little pink bow on your head and a crossbones bandana is a good idea when you are with your friends on a casual outing. The fact that it matches perfectly with the stitching in your jeans and your nail polish enhances its appeal. But this look is a complete no-no for a job interview. It will not be a good idea to wear the conventional little black dress in a family gathering. You should dress keeping the occasion in check. For an informal family get together, you can wear a cute summer outfit and team it up with a nice sandal.

Any girl can get the most amazing fashion accessories for girls; all it takes is a little bit of creativity and imagination while purchasing them. Just by altering the accessories you can wear the same dress even twice, in a short period of time, and none can be wiser. Use these accessories to add a charm to your old outfits or to pair your vintage accessories with some new outfits. Irrespective of the way they are used, they were made for self expression and fun.

Online accessories stores are superb places to buy funky and fun accessories like bags, cosmetics, hats, belts, gloves, tights, shoes, socks, protective gear, watches, rain gear sets, raincoats, etc….. Cool accessories are just a click away. Online Shopping for girls’ accessories at online accessories stores   such  as  dear-lover  make shopping extra convenient. Such online stores offer girls secure and a simple online shopping experience.

Choosing Various types of women lingeries from dear-lover

  • Posted on April 23, 2013 at 1:55 am

Nowadays women prefer paying more  attention on their underwear. They want them comfortable and stylish as well. There are various different types of sexy lingeries  to choose from. Which underwear you should choose depends on your requirement. Here are a few common types of women underwear with a brief description that would help you to choose the right product for yourself.

Belly Dancer Bra and Panty Set LC4185 Choosing Various types of women lingeries from dear lover

1. Sexy bikinis: These types of women underwear have more coverage and usually rides low on the hips. Also, sexy bikinis have a fuller piece of fabric at the sides than thong underwear. They come in various sizes, colors and designs to meet the requirements of different women. Sexy bikinis not only look good, but are comfortable as well. In fact they are ideal of daily wear.

2. Thong: It is the smallest underwear that anybody can wear. It can pack for your romantic moments. This type of women underwear has a patch in front and a small thin strip at the back. This underwear is generally not soft or comfortable. In fact they are sexy. These sexy pair of women underwear has surely helped you feel great about yourself. Whenever you are buying thongs, make sure you go for quality and  ensure that it suits you well.

3. G-string: This type of panty is actually considered as an open panty step. It is a type of thong panties with the back part and sides are simply a string. This panty has a thin strip of fabric in the back depending on the style of panty Compared with a thong.

The perfect destination for online lingerie shopping is Major brands. It is well stocked and well reputed online shopping stores that serve its customers with an exclusive and extraordinary range of women’s lingeries. So no matter whether you are looking for push up bra, thongs, leggings, boy shorts, G- string, chemise or any other type, there is a great chance to find in  dear – lover site. In fact here you will get women’s lingeries  in a huge range of designs, sizes and colors. A great range of choices provided by this online shopping store will make your shopping experience a pleasant one.

Meaning Of Lingerie

  • Posted on April 19, 2013 at 4:30 am

Lingerie is a word, which is referred in English language as the undergarments of women. In fact?this term is a French term, which is used generically for the reference of the undergarments and that is the real use of the word. In English language, its acceptance is accompanying to the garments, which relate to the improvement of the figure of the female and they have different types ranging from the economy class to the high cost. The lingerie is worn inside our garments and is not visible to the common people and they appear in altered types making the female look attractive, seductive and even sex appealing. Besides their attraction they are comfortable to wear and they should provide comfort to the female.

Plus Size Blue Ella Chemise Set LC2254 1P Meaning Of Lingerie

Dear-lover wholesale Plus Size Blue Ella Chemise Set

Lingerie word comes from the Latin origin and lines a Latin word meaning made from linen and basically the lingerie was made of cotton or linen, but now thanks to a variety available it’s material differs and the all kinds of undergarments have been used by both women and men. In the beginning the use of lingerie was for the purpose of insulation or for the coverage of the private parts, but now its purpose has been modesty. It acclimated to quite simple basically, but now a great variety of lingerie is available starting from simple to sexy lingerie, bridal lingerie and so on. The sexy lingerie is basically sex attractive and it is basically designed to give a sexy look to the female and it sexually attracts a female towards the male and further bridal lingerie is the one, which the bride keeps in her collection and, which is specially designed for the bride and it is available in different pieces.   
The Dear-lover lingerie is available in different sizes varying from small to medium then, large, extra large and so on and for the elder or for the healthy people it is also available in plus size and is called as the plus size lingerie and so according to the need, size and requirement a person should buy the lingerie which also provides her comfort.