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Reformation Is Taylor Swift’s Favorite Store for Summer Dresses and Cute Ouftits

  • Posted on June 29, 2016 at 8:26 am


social fame flynet taylor swift gingham dress Reformation Is Taylor Swifts Favorite Store for Summer Dresses and Cute Ouftits

Taylor Swift has dropped the ’90s grunge look of late and she’s hitting her style stride once again with retro dresses, high-waisted skirts, and yeah, even a crop top or two. Could this be the influence of having a new love interest (ahem, paging Tom Hiddleston)? The duo has been spotted ’round the globe, from Nashville to Britain, and whatever’s going on between them is just that, between them—but the fashion? We’re all over that. Taylor’s latest Hiddleswift date outfit is a sunny yellow minidress on a date in Rome, yet another in T.Swift’s super-cute summer dress collection. (Can you imagine the closet she keeps them all in? #Walk-InClosetGoals).

And if you’ve been paying very close attention, you’ll notice that Swift’s latest summer looks are all from the same store. Remember last week’s red crop top ensemble at the Selena Gomez concert? Or how about the sweet gingham mini slip dress? Allow us to refresh your memories…

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Boost Your Closet Concoctions With A Long Sleeve Bodysuit

  • Posted on June 22, 2016 at 8:30 am
LC32046 2 17165 1 Boost Your Closet Concoctions With A Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Sexy Black Lace Quarter Sleeves Bodysuit

Everyone is loving the look of a long sleeve bodysuit. From celebrities and models to you and I alike, bodysuits are a crave on the must-have market. The great thing about bodysuits are their kindly snug fit on your body, flattering your waist and keeping you looking refined. What once was a 90′s fad, is now a chic fashion statement. Join the modern women in donning the casual bodysuit to pair with all your favorite bottoms and create an entirely new flattering look.

Pair your pencil skirt with a long-sleeve body suit by Sass and Bide. This highly fashionable bodysuit is made of an abstract design to conceptualize a creative outfit no matter how you wear it. Make a simple black pencil skirt completely out of the ordinary with this patterned print. A solid white background with black lines and splash of neon will never get old in your closet. The edgy design can be your hot going-out shirt, or you can wear your formal heels and show you to work like you mean business in this bodysuit.

Get Romantic and Seductive Look with Sexy Lingerie

  • Posted on June 12, 2016 at 7:40 am
LC31005 2 16984 1 Get Romantic and Seductive Look with Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Black Open Side Lace Chiffon Kaftan Gown Set

Every woman has a desire to look sexy in lingerie. Though, there really isn’t anything such as a perfect body, except if you are a model. It’s all about being self-assured and comfortable in your own personality. There are many ways to underline the lovely parts of your body at the same time helps reducing attention those parts that you feel conscious about. One of best way is to wear sexy and sensuous Lingerie. There are few points that should be kept in mind, when you are planning to buy sexy lingerie for yourself or your partner.

Sexy women’s lingerie may be mostly hidden from view of the general public when worn by a woman but the benefits are still there for her – and her man’s, for that matter – enjoyment, nonetheless. With the right choice in seductive lingerie, a woman can spice up her sex and love life as well as amp up her beauty to heights previously unknown to her.

When Must a Woman Wear a Cocktail Dress

  • Posted on June 2, 2016 at 9:40 am
LC61121 2 16881 1 When Must a Woman Wear a Cocktail Dress

Stylish Black Lace Push Up Cocktail Dress

When invited for a cocktail celebration cocktail dresses, also called as cocktail dresses, are used by girls. They are also worn  by women to events like semi – formal, prom, or also to other proper occasions. The most popular cocktail gown of all is a little black gown, but they also come in all styles, sizes and duration.

Choosing a Cocktail dress might be challenging thing, but having information about yourself and your system might help you to accomplish this. You should think about the current trend, your attire and your height while choosing a cocktail gown. Your height is important because depending to trends height of the cocktail varies, some are knee length, while others end around two ins above the ankle also called as tea length beverage dress, and ankle length called as ballerina length but this is also associated with night gowns and distinction hard to tell. Materials employed for cocktail dresses change from silk to silk to chiffon it is completely your decision which you prefer.

A cocktail gown is most likely the attire you need to be thinking, when invited to go to a gain or occasion used with a charity or additional organization of. Sometimes deciphering what sort of attire to raid is as easy as reading the whole invite. Most likely, you’ll find phrases, such as casual gown, semi-formal attire or formalwear needed on the request. More over, the last resort if you are uncertain is to call the phone number that’s included on the invitation and ask to be sure.