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The Perfect Evening Dresses for You

  • Posted on March 31, 2016 at 9:12 am
LC60825 2 15806 1 The Perfect Evening Dresses for You

Sexy Black Sequined Backless Bow Detail Evening Mermaid Dress

There is no doubt that evening dresses are very important part in women’s wardrobe. When invited to a party or any formal occasions, ladies always begin planning the evening dresses very early. Choose an elegant evening dress would make you to be eye-catching in all events. There are endless choices of designs and patterns of evening dresses. Unfortunately, no every woman is lucky to get the perfect dress. To be fashionable and sophisticated, you should choose the dresses not only in vogue but also flatter your body shape.
   You have no need to worry about the size. The sizes of evening dresses come in all range. Even you are a plus size woman, you can also get the proper apparel too. The gowns would cater the needs of women in different body types and make you look stunning.

7 Ways to Wear a Blazer This Spring

  • Posted on March 24, 2016 at 7:03 am

It’s official: Spring is here and it’s time to start transitioning that wardrobe of yours into the warmer weather season. That is, if you haven’t already begun stocking up on those floral dresses, T-shirts, and lighter-weight outerwear. One spring outfit staple you should make sure to have in rotation? A blazer. Next to leather jackets, the perfect pair of jeans, and a trench coat (to name a few), blazers are a spring essential that will never go out of style. Not to mention that it’s also your work-to-weekend outfit savior when it comes to that extra something that will pull nearly any outfit together and make you look elegantly polished—from suits and skirts at the office to slouchy jeans and printed dresses on the weekends.

While we’ve already begun dreaming of our off-duty looks (because, who doesn’t yearn for the days of sundresses and sandals?), it’s our office-appropriate looks that really need a bit of a seasonal facelift. Lucky for us, the street-style stars at Fashion Week have already begun wearing the blazer in ways that make us want to stock up—immediately. And it has to be said that after looking to them for outfit inspiration, we’re having a hard time envisioning springtime looks that don’t involve the spring wardrobe essential.

Over a Floral Midi Dress

spring essential blazer andreea panciuc h724 7 Ways to Wear a Blazer This Spring

Whether you’re heading to the office or a date night (or maybe both!), look to Andreea Panciuc, who tops her springtime floral midi dress with a tailored black blazer. Layer the look over a bodysuit on colder days, and take off the underlayer as the weather warms.

With a Leather Skirt

spring essential blazer blair eadie h724 7 Ways to Wear a Blazer This Spring

Try a leather skirt (of any length!) and a white button-down shirt, belted at the waist, like Blair Eadie. This spring, top the look with a classic navy blazer when headed to work.

How to Wear a Bodycon Dress

  • Posted on March 10, 2016 at 8:52 am
LC61002 2 15568 1 How to Wear a Bodycon Dress

Sexy Glimmering Black Lace Off Shoulder Bodycon Dress

A bodycon dress is an outfit that hugs your body from the bust to the lower hem. It comes in three lengths: knee, mid thigh and upper thigh. Just like any other outfit, it’s made from different materials including: cotton, lycra and polyester blend.

Be cautious of your figure: The cool thing with the dress is that you can wear it during the day and night. When wearing it, the most important factor that you should consider is your figure. Here are the different body figures:

Hourglass: You have wide hips and chest and a well defined waist. The best outfit to go for is a bodycon dress that doesn’t cling too much on your body.

Celebs Strike These 5 Poses to Get Their Most Flattering Pictures

  • Posted on March 4, 2016 at 6:41 am

When you were checking out the red carpet coverage from Sunday’s Oscars, did you happen to notice some similarities between how the stars were posing? The arrangement of a-list arms and legs is always calculated—celebs know what will look best in photos. Thankfully, red-carpet photographer Dave Bennett was kind enough tobreak the most popular looks down. Study up and pull them out for your most flattering shots the next time you’re in front of the camera (red carpet most definitely not required).

Look 1: The Teapot

julianne moore black white red carpet dress pose h724 Celebs Strike These 5 Poses to Get Their Most Flattering Pictures

Julianne Moore at the EE British Academy Film Awards in February
There’s purpose behind this seemingly casual hand-on-hip look, namely that it shifts the planes of the body just enough to make for a camera-friendly shape and proportions. “Very few people can be photographed straight on and look amazing,” he explained. “You want to see a defined waist and hips. Putting a hand on the hip and elongating one leg is a way of creating that.”

Look 2: The Clutch Hold

natalie dormer black sequin dress zoolander 2 premiere 2016 h724 Celebs Strike These 5 Poses to Get Their Most Flattering Pictures

Natalie Dormer at a London screening of Zoolander 2 in February
If you’re posing with a bag, the number one rule is to avoid letting the accessory be the focal point. “The most important thing is stand tall. Don’t look as though you’re trying to hide behind it and don’t let it outshine the dress,” Bennett said. For stars on the red carpet, this means keeping a minaudière to the side in a money shot (not obstructing a clear view of the designer gown), but it translates easily into real life. Getting your picture snapped while you’re carrying a top-handle or have a cross-body on? Make sure both are to your side, not directly in front.