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Do you like the French Maid sexy costume?

  • Posted on February 27, 2013 at 4:59 am

 Do you like the French Maid sexy costume?

There are many Halloween costumes as well as Christmas costumes that are besides the sailors and sea costumes, the bugs and bees costumes, the fairies and angel costumes, cheerleader costumes, French maid costumes, nurse costumes, cops and robbers’ costumes, bunny, cats’ costumes and many more. These adult costumes can be a lot of fun if you want to be a little naughty. Check out all the various kinds of sexy costumes whether they are playful, dark, sinister or fanciful; there is a wide variety to choose from. You get themed naughty outfits as well like Mardi Gras costumes, St. Patrick’s Day costumes and Oktoberfest costumes. Dressing is no longer just restricted to Halloween alone. Besides other festivals, you can do it whenever you feel naughty and want to give your partner a pleasant surprise.

Coquette French Maid Adult Costume includes Headdress and dresses. This Halloween season Trashy Lingerie brings you our original designs at super bargain prices. We offer every style of wholesale lingerie, costumes, bras, clubwear and swimwear from fashion to sexy to cute. Why not sit with your partner and choose a piece of lingerie? These sexy pieces are available at super low price. Talking about sexy corsets, you would like our Fleurette Molded Cup Corset. This is a helpful corset to reduce your waist and shape your body.

Sexy costumes like the French maid costume are quite popular. Originally worn by servants during the 19th century, it came to be associated with sexiness towards the middle of the century when it was seen in skits and now fall in the class of naughty outfits. You can make use of this classic outfit to put some fun into your love life. The French maid costume comes with an apron, corset, puff sleeves and a feather duster.

Latest trend corsets are hot sell in dear lover site

  • Posted on February 4, 2013 at 7:49 pm

Latest trend corsets are hot sell in dear lover site 200x300 Latest trend corsets are hot sell in dear lover site

In present times however, most women put on a sexy corset for sensation and for the sake of glorifying their physical features and this means that the present day corsets have evolved greatly from what they originally were centuries ago. Contrary to the olden times, corsets are almost always worn as undergarments today and also come with wholesale swimwear and colors to attract its audience. The corset’s effect by comparison is dramatic, and with a clear shaping purpose if worn as an outside garment. It simultaneously expresses independence, femininity and elegance, but also power and dominance. Men of all orientations, are into wearing corsets as well, primarily because they enjoy the support and the feeling of constriction. From this perspective the corset is gender neutral.

This Fleurette Molded Cup Corset was designed for the lady in the streets who is a vixen in the sheets. Sheer power knit and hidden stays keep you looking slender and smooth while underwires, stretch piping and satin bows with rosettes enhance your bust. Accent bows and rosettes draw the eye down towards the garters.You will leave people in parties speechless by wearing our sexy gowns or fashion dresses. We can assure you that our products reach our costumers all over the world in prime condition. And you will be satisfied with them.If you want to try something uncommon, Beautys Love Pant Sets may be an ideal one. Wearing it will absolutely make you the focus.

No matter what the form or size of a woman is, she can always put on corsets and instantly feel appealing. And the most wonderful thing about a sexy corset is that women of all ages can wear it and look as stunning as any young lady. No matter how disfigured one is, a corset can transform the entire look of its wearer.Almost readily available in all renowned garment shops now, the trend of a sexy corset has once again captured the minds of its audience with its absolute wholesale bikini manufacturer. And with the corsets now coming rapidly back into the fashion world, we may well see a remarkable revival of this suppressed treasure.

2013 Feather Earrings are wonderful for you

  • Posted on February 3, 2013 at 1:08 am

2013 Feather Earrings are wonderful for you 200x300 2013 Feather Earrings are wonderful for you

The various styles of feather earrings are numerous. A person that dresses conventionally could discover a set of feather earrings that are both appealing and maintain their sense of decorum. Feather earrings are adaptable and may be used in tandem with your hairstyle or wholesale swimwear, or as a way of boldly announcing your personality. They are completely versatile in their application.

The rains remind us of the forests, the drizzle and the dancing peacocks! Nothing could be more exciting to flaunt what is in your head this season with these very iridescent peacock feather earrings. With silver-plated hooks and ultra-feminine feathers, these are a perfect finishing touch to your graceful look.The use of real peacock feathers gives it a natural appeal and a pattern of colors that will gel perfectly with all your basic ensembles. You truly deserve this gift of nature and fashion this season.Not only this product, customers who bought it also pick sexy clothing from our leather lingerie catalogue. Back to Crotch Zipper Charming Dress is a highly-recommended one. You would love it!

Peacock feather earrings are particularly fashionable. The blue circle of the peacock feather is referred to as an eye. They may be staggered in a setting, lending peacock feather earrings intensity and color distinction. Peacock feathers are not normally tinted, because their captivating sparkling character may be lost. The cause of the shimmering personality of peacock feathers derives from the wholesale bikini manufacturer of the plume. Minute lattices in the feather filter and mirror certain wavelengths of light, making the feathers appear iridescent. These earrings are priced for every budget. Regarding feather earrings, in addition to their unbelievable flexibility, they also have a reasonable price range. Look for these very chic earrings at your favorite store or shop online, you will be awestruck.