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Latest trend corsets are hot sell in dear lover site

  • Posted on February 4, 2013 at 7:49 pm

Latest trend corsets are hot sell in dear lover site 200x300 Latest trend corsets are hot sell in dear lover site

In present times however, most women put on a sexy corset for sensation and for the sake of glorifying their physical features and this means that the present day corsets have evolved greatly from what they originally were centuries ago. Contrary to the olden times, corsets are almost always worn as undergarments today and also come with wholesale swimwear and colors to attract its audience. The corset’s effect by comparison is dramatic, and with a clear shaping purpose if worn as an outside garment. It simultaneously expresses independence, femininity and elegance, but also power and dominance. Men of all orientations, are into wearing corsets as well, primarily because they enjoy the support and the feeling of constriction. From this perspective the corset is gender neutral.

This Fleurette Molded Cup Corset was designed for the lady in the streets who is a vixen in the sheets. Sheer power knit and hidden stays keep you looking slender and smooth while underwires, stretch piping and satin bows with rosettes enhance your bust. Accent bows and rosettes draw the eye down towards the garters.You will leave people in parties speechless by wearing our sexy gowns or fashion dresses. We can assure you that our products reach our costumers all over the world in prime condition. And you will be satisfied with them.If you want to try something uncommon, Beautys Love Pant Sets may be an ideal one. Wearing it will absolutely make you the focus.

No matter what the form or size of a woman is, she can always put on corsets and instantly feel appealing. And the most wonderful thing about a sexy corset is that women of all ages can wear it and look as stunning as any young lady. No matter how disfigured one is, a corset can transform the entire look of its wearer.Almost readily available in all renowned garment shops now, the trend of a sexy corset has once again captured the minds of its audience with its absolute wholesale bikini manufacturer. And with the corsets now coming rapidly back into the fashion world, we may well see a remarkable revival of this suppressed treasure.

Valentine Lingerie Wholesale at Dear-Lover

  • Posted on January 27, 2013 at 3:45 am

Valentine’s Day in 2013 is a mere 30 days away. Roses, chocolates, candlelit dinners and sexy lingerie are all indispensable on February 14. Therefore, our sexy lingerie wholesale has been in great demands these days. has a variety of wholesale lingerie, including corsets, babydolls, chemise, sleepwear, bustiers, burlesque lingerie, Teddies Lingerie, Chemise etc. Better yet, all the products are manufactured by our factory, eliminating many costly and time-consuming procedures. This enables us to supply quickly and offer lower prices. Most sexy lingerie’s wholesale price is only 15% of the retail price on market, while some even less than 10%. We try our best to guarantee dealers have great profits.

For those who are keen on classic red or heart-shaped Valentine lingerie, we have specially set up a section for them to choose. itself is a very convenient website to browse as it has detailed product categories. Furthermore, in order to facilitate dealers’ sale, every product is attached with several dear-lover copyright pictures, at the same time Product Features, Product Specifications, Package Contents and Note have detailed description about every item. In this way, all items presented are clear at a glance and it helps prevent dull information leaving bad influence on final transactions.

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About is a leading online wholesale store that provides customers with sexy lingerie, sexy costumes, clubwear, wholesale swimwear, fashion dresses and Accessories for both men and women. Aiming to offer a refreshing experience for dealers around the world, is exerting great efforts to deliver good quality, cheap price sexy clothes and good service.


Spooky Skull Nipple Covers are hot sell in dear lover site

  • Posted on January 6, 2013 at 1:05 am

Spooky Skull Nipple Covers are hot sell in dear lover site 207x300 Spooky Skull Nipple Covers are hot sell in dear lover site

Sexy bridal lingerie is available when you need it. You can purchase it from many different sources. Nipple covers and lace underwear are just a couple of the items that you can purchase if you are interested. You can wear this type of lingerie whenever and however you like. You can choose from so many different pieces as well. Nipple covers are good to use if you are trying to impress your partner or for something related. Lace underwear is also good to wear to try and impress your lover as well. There are so many different pieces in which you can choose from. You just need to make sure that you do some research to see what online sites offer Wholesale Christmas Costume.It is best to shop online, because you will benefit from a wider selection.

Women wear nipple covers to conceal the nipples when poke through is unwanted. The Spooky Skull Nipple Covers will adhere to your breasts, which would be able to give minimal but still sufficient cover for your breast, while being at your sexiest. Perfect for backless dresses, backless tops, silk gowns, sweater dresses, and more.Buy cheap nipple covers, pasties, breast petals from They are made for the smoothest, most discrete, look under sheer or clingy fabrics. Wear them for a smooth look with or without your bra.Just one look at our Elegant LACE GOWN and you will love it! It is a graceful black lace gown for bedroom. Wearing it is perfect to make your man focused on you.

Some brides may wonder exactly what sexy bridal lingerie should consist of to achieve the look they desire. Normally most ensembles usually include a corset, lace underwear, stockings and a garter belt of different types. However, specialty combinations can include extras such as nipple covers and girdles. Special bras with embellished with ribbon, lace and Sexy Christmas Costume are also available in different styles and colors.

Why women’s thong is hot sell in recently years

  • Posted on December 9, 2012 at 1:12 am

Why womens thong is hot sell in recently years 244x300 Why womens thong is hot sell in recently years

Once considered scandalous, the women’s thong is now widely and wildly popular amongst women of all ages. That includes the real girls as well as the girls at heart. You can’t fault them for their fanaticism about the Wholesale Christmas Costume especially if you are a fan yourself. After all, who is able to resist the sexiness of a scant bit of material emphasizing your womanly curves along with the practicality of an almost wash-and-wear character?

Black vinyl front, blue lace back thong with strappy sides. Low rise. Thong back coverage. Elasticized waist and leg openings. Crafted from contemporary but luxurious stretch fabrics, this ultra-modern thong is the perfect solution for a romantic night. Team with the matching bra.Some sexy thongs from dear-lover are accented with diminutive bows and sheer mesh. Our most popular and sexiest wholesale panties and g-strings wear perfectly throughout the week. Most comfy items you have ever got!If you also need to buy a sexy costume, explore in dear-lover and you will find your style. Sexy Fairy Adult Costume is a good choice to fully show your feminine silhouette.

To protect your credit card information, you need to look for encrypted purchase technology, although most all online stores currently have that. Normally, it is a small icon shaped just like a padlock in most sites, meaning that your personal data is more likely safe from the hands of hackers.Buying hot thong Sexy Christmas Costume from online sites is an exercise in enjoyment, passion and excellence simply because when you are looking at thongs, you can’t help but get excited by the way you will look and feel in these extremely hot and popular type of underwear.