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Plus Size Corset Tops – - A Timeless Age Old Garment

  • Posted on June 29, 2015 at 8:20 am
Plus Size Black 9 Steel Bones Latex Under Bust Corset LC5375 4P Plus Size Corset Tops     A Timeless Age Old Garment

Dear-lover, wholesale Plus Size Black 9 Steel Bones Latex Under Bust Corset

CORSETS…… this is a garment of yesteryears that gives an illusive curvy look because they flatten the chest and push up the breast, and gird the waist. This is a timeless fashion, which is being enjoyed today by full figured women of the world. Plus size corsets give you a slender-waist look, which most men admire because they reduce the imperfections in your curvy figure.

All women desire for an hour glass look. Unfortunately only few of them have a “natural beautiful and curvy body”. Being curvy is not problem- free; one has to work for it. You have to exert extra effort to get this desired look. Finding the right clothing that reveals your womanly figure in your curvy body used to be a burden as there were only very few selection of plus size clothing to choose from. The fashion industry used to be “young and slender” oriented, but now they have embraced the plus size fashion in the mainstream fashion world. Today you can find in the market abundant plus size clothing supply, which includes beautifully designed and trendy plus size corsets. This fulfills the desire of every woman to look good because they reduce the waist and emphasize the waist, flattens the chest and emphasize the breast. This is why, plus size corsets must be part of a full-figured woman’s wardrobe.

By cinching and molding your body into a desired position, you can obtain that hour glass look. This can be done when you wear a plus size corset. Always remember that wearing corsets will not give you a whole new body, they only enhance the look of your body. Corsets are used to tuck in the waist only by 1 or 2 inches, more than this can be very uncomfortable.

Plus size corsets really give a sexy appearance to a full figured woman. All men may desire for those women with an hour glass look, but for the delight of your special someone there is plus size sleepwear. Sleepwear can enhance the romantic mood ambience. The slovenly out fashioned night gowns is a thing of the past giving way to some really sexy and sultry plus size sleepwear like sheer camisoles and night shirts. They are a little revealing, but hide all the flaws, giving you an enticing look that no man can resist. Sleepwear is about showing off your best physical attributes and hiding the imperfections in your curvy figure.

When you buy sleepwear, choose one that is comfortable to you. Sleepwear is not just about making you look sexy; it is an ultimate comfort apparel of the night. It may be embellished with lace, but it is made of ultra soft materials to ensure you will enjoy to the full a good beauty rest, a secret ingredient to a healthy life. All women deserve a healthy life, which is likewise a secret ingredient to a beautiful and sexy body, but most of all for your self-satisfaction.

Queen Letizia’s Real-Life Cinderella Shoes Are Back!

  • Posted on June 23, 2015 at 6:23 am

Queen Letizia, one of the world’s best dressed royals, had a repeat moment earlier this week,wearing her real-life Cinderella shoes for another official engagement.


queen letizia clear plastic heels w724 Queen Letizias Real Life Cinderella Shoes Are Back!


The peep-toe slingbacks are by Spanish brand Magrit and retail for a little over $300. The first time the queen rocked the pair was back in May; this time they were worn to the Bicentenary of the Council of the Greatness of Spain, held at El Pardo Palace. The man to her left, FYI, is her husband, Spain’s King Felipe VI.

Up close, you can tell that the shoes have a clear plastic strap that extends around the heel and that th

ere’s a small platform (.4″ to be exact).


queen letizia clear plastic magrit heels 2 w724 Queen Letizias Real Life Cinderella Shoes Are Back!



Before you feel too impressed with Letizia, though, keep in mind that a s

hoe repeat is nothing like re-wearing the same formal outfit, 30 years later.

How to Find Romantic Shapewear

  • Posted on June 16, 2015 at 6:33 am
Baby Blue Hip Enhancer Tummy Control Panty LC75023 1 How to Find Romantic Shapewear

Dear-lover, wholesale Baby Blue Hip Enhancer Tummy Control Panty

Shapewear doesn’t need to be hideous! You can locate romantic shapewear for women you will appear and really feel good in. Read on to learn more!

For all those unique date nights, each lady desires to look her greatest. Sadly, lots of ladies have bumps and bulges in places they would relatively not. This can be when they flip to shapewear. Shape wear for girls began out centuries back and has progressed from organ-deforming corsets to slimming but sexy physique shaper underwear. Right here are some effortless steps to find the excellent slimming shapewear for your special evening.

Numerous females wrongly believe shapewear will be the enemy and can not be enjoyable. And genuinely, who can blame them? Shape put on for girls is famous for hiding bulges in trade for taking your breath absent – literally. Squeezing into body shaper underwear has long been unpleasant, from tightly laced corsets within the seventeenth century to breast binding in the 1920s. But don’t worry, occasions have changed, and shapewear no for a longer period has to be unpleasant!

The first stage to discovering your perfect undergarment is remembering to breathe! If you are unpleasant or really feel limited within your shapewear, it is the incorrect dimensions. Slimming shapewear is there to help streamline your look below attractive sheaths, not provide you with a complete physique makeover. The next phase in picking body shaper underwear that can be romantic is obtaining a cut and cloth you want. While numerous items of form put on for ladies give the apperance of the flesh-toned bathing fit, others are produced of fragile lace with weighty elastic reinforcement. Slimming shapewear can also be readily available in numerous possibly superb designs, from a full slip to some very simple tummy band. For today’s ladies, shapewear comes with all kinds of stylish alternatives. 

Of course, in case you are planning a romantic night indoors, all of the guidelines for ladies shapewear go correct out the window. As an alternative to choosing body shaper underwear that appears much better under wraps, discover a pretty panty and pair it with a sexy corset – and absolutely nothing else! He will not have the ability to get his eyes off your curves, and as an alternative to worrying in case your shapewear is concealing things under your dress, you can allow it acquire the middle stage as the star of your special night.

While the eternal search for the ideal form wear for females will carry on for ages, you don’t have to drop prey to the pitfalls of basic underwear. Slimming shapewear may be attractive for those who know what to seek out.


The Best of Body Stockings

  • Posted on June 8, 2015 at 7:43 am
Pothole Lace Long sleeve Bodystocking LC79644 The Best of Body Stockings

Dear-lover, wholesale Pothole Lace Long-sleeve Bodystocking

Body stockings, just like the name suggests are stockings that are designed to cover the whole body unlike the common stockings that go thigh high. The stockings are most used by women looking to show off curves in different kinds of outfits as well as women who have the need to look sexy. This therefore means that the body stockings come in different styles and design to suit the varying preferences.

The body stockings are usually made using elastic fabrics to ensure that they hug the body in all the right way. They also come with long legs and will either have sleeves or none at all. They happen to be very sexy and can even be without crotches or even have peeping sexy areas left bare for the sexy purpose. When you find a good store, you will manage to find all kinds of the body stockings among them the following;

Sheer body stockings: they are shiny and suit the different skin complexions. It can be hard to tell that one is actually wearing a body stocking. They are quite appealing and attractive hence are very popular.

Plus size body stockings: this is another range that caters for the need of plus size women. Size is therefore no longer as excuse as to why a woman should not look sexy as the body stockings are designs to show off those precious areas thereby helping the women to both feel and look as sexy as they want.

Opaque body stockings: they do not really show the body but still hug the body in all the right way. They are most ideal for women who are a bit conscious about how they look but still yearn to look and feel sexy. They come on different colors and styles as well.

Fishnet body stockings: they happen to be some of the most popular as they give a look that is alluring and sexy. They are wearable to achieve a sexy look as women have found ways to make them work even in formal kind of settings. There is always a sexy feel behind the fishnet body stockings which could be the reason why most women prefer them over others types.

Lace Body stockings: they are lacy and sexy and a preference for many as they are very sexy and at the same time provide many with the coverage that they feel is important even when pulling off different looks. They are quite attractive and definitely leave women looking sexy and appealing.