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Boost Your Closet Concoctions With A Long Sleeve Bodysuit

  • Posted on June 22, 2016 at 8:30 am
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Sexy Black Lace Quarter Sleeves Bodysuit

Everyone is loving the look of a long sleeve bodysuit. From celebrities and models to you and I alike, bodysuits are a crave on the must-have market. The great thing about bodysuits are their kindly snug fit on your body, flattering your waist and keeping you looking refined. What once was a 90′s fad, is now a chic fashion statement. Join the modern women in donning the casual bodysuit to pair with all your favorite bottoms and create an entirely new flattering look.

Pair your pencil skirt with a long-sleeve body suit by Sass and Bide. This highly fashionable bodysuit is made of an abstract design to conceptualize a creative outfit no matter how you wear it. Make a simple black pencil skirt completely out of the ordinary with this patterned print. A solid white background with black lines and splash of neon will never get old in your closet. The edgy design can be your hot going-out shirt, or you can wear your formal heels and show you to work like you mean business in this bodysuit.

Sexy Babydoll Sets a Man’s Heart Racing

  • Posted on February 26, 2016 at 6:11 am
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Sexy Black Lace Pearl Halter Neck Babydoll with Thong

Babydoll is a short, sexy, loose fitting and often transparent nightwear.   The word ‘babydoll’ emerged from the movie ‘Baby Doll’ released in 1956 and having as its heroine, Caroll Baker, who acted as a 19 year old nymph.

Babydoll is now a very important part of women’s lingerie. It is specially made to exposed women’s legs for sexy looks. Wearing babydoll lingerie can also reveal women’s busts. The babydoll lingerie also comes with matching panties. Thus, it is sexy enough to entice your partner.

Babydoll lingerie can be made from luxury fabrics and often is accented with bows, ruffles and ribbons. Hence, babydoll lingerie can give women elaborated sexy looks. Among their different styles are those which hang off the shoulder held by spaghetti straps or lace bras that cup the breasts. The material is usually sheer and is see through. They could be of silk or chiffon or nylon. There are special satin heart printed red babydoll available for the day. Babydoll even come in fishnet material to add to the sexy flavor. In short, a baby doll accentuates the feminine charms of a woman.

Babydoll is meant to fit well. So they come in different sizes including plus sizes. Babydoll sets come with G-string panties too. Sexy babydoll lingerie is truly revealing and can set a man’s heart racing.

In short, babydoll lingerie is versatile. No matter which style of babydoll lingerie you are going to choose, it will be sure to tease your men for a romantic night.




How to Choose the Right Lingerie Color to Enhance Your Features

  • Posted on January 29, 2016 at 1:48 am
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Sexy Purple 3pcs Satin Tie Lace lingerie Set

Most women know what they want when they are shopping and they usually know where to find it as well. Most also know exactly what size they are and maybe even the size they are in different brands, but do you really know the best color for you? This is especially important when buying lingerie. You can’t just buy your favorite color and hope that will work. Choosing a color that compliments your skin color, hair, and eye color is a little more of an art and if you are going to go beyond basic black or white you need to pay attention.
Skin color is an obvious consideration, or at least it should be. Many women wear lingerie that is so close to the color of their own skin that one cannot tell where the lingerie ends and you begin. Many women with the pale china doll kind of skin tend to stay with light pastel colors just be sure to have them blend with the color of your hair or eyes as well. If you have olive colored skin or are fairly tan you can go with colors that are a little darker, again remembering to choose a color that goes well with your hair or eyes. You may want to consider colors that are a little brighter.

How to Clean Leather Lingerie

  • Posted on January 13, 2016 at 6:21 am


Exciting Powernet Chemise Faux Leather Lingerie LC9194 How to Clean Leather Lingerie

sexy Exciting Powernet Chemise Faux Leather Lingerie

Cleaning Leather Lingerie:

Cleaning and conditioning leather lingerie is a very simple process. Leather can be thought of as a type of skin. Just as the same way you need to clean and moisturize your own skin, leather needs to be maintained in the same way to stay beautiful, supple, pliable, and resilient.

Cleaning Leather Lingerie at home

In most cases all that is necessary to clean leather lingerie is a damp cloth or a store bought leather cleaner. There a variety of leather cleaners that you can find at the store that will do a pretty good job. This will remove any surface dust or dirt. Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions when using a cleaner specifically for leather lingerie.

Hand Washing Leather Lingerie

Prepare, treat, and remove any stains on the leather before washing it. Using warm soapy water made with an gentle cleanser like baby shampoo, Dove or Ivory (preferably unscented), or soap flakes rub the leather with a soft cloth to produce a lather in any area you want to clean. Wipe away excess lather with a clean cloth. Rinse leather lingerie thoroughly either by running through warm water or wiping several times with a damp cloth. After that pat leather dry with a clean towel to remove excess water and moisture. Allow leather to dry flat in a warm place out of direct sunlight and away from any strong heat source such asoven, fireplace, heater, stove, etc.