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Plus Size Corset Tops – - A Timeless Age Old Garment

  • Posted on June 29, 2015 at 8:20 am
Plus Size Black 9 Steel Bones Latex Under Bust Corset LC5375 4P Plus Size Corset Tops     A Timeless Age Old Garment

Dear-lover, wholesale Plus Size Black 9 Steel Bones Latex Under Bust Corset

CORSETS…… this is a garment of yesteryears that gives an illusive curvy look because they flatten the chest and push up the breast, and gird the waist. This is a timeless fashion, which is being enjoyed today by full figured women of the world. Plus size corsets give you a slender-waist look, which most men admire because they reduce the imperfections in your curvy figure.

All women desire for an hour glass look. Unfortunately only few of them have a “natural beautiful and curvy body”. Being curvy is not problem- free; one has to work for it. You have to exert extra effort to get this desired look. Finding the right clothing that reveals your womanly figure in your curvy body used to be a burden as there were only very few selection of plus size clothing to choose from. The fashion industry used to be “young and slender” oriented, but now they have embraced the plus size fashion in the mainstream fashion world. Today you can find in the market abundant plus size clothing supply, which includes beautifully designed and trendy plus size corsets. This fulfills the desire of every woman to look good because they reduce the waist and emphasize the waist, flattens the chest and emphasize the breast. This is why, plus size corsets must be part of a full-figured woman’s wardrobe.

By cinching and molding your body into a desired position, you can obtain that hour glass look. This can be done when you wear a plus size corset. Always remember that wearing corsets will not give you a whole new body, they only enhance the look of your body. Corsets are used to tuck in the waist only by 1 or 2 inches, more than this can be very uncomfortable.

Plus size corsets really give a sexy appearance to a full figured woman. All men may desire for those women with an hour glass look, but for the delight of your special someone there is plus size sleepwear. Sleepwear can enhance the romantic mood ambience. The slovenly out fashioned night gowns is a thing of the past giving way to some really sexy and sultry plus size sleepwear like sheer camisoles and night shirts. They are a little revealing, but hide all the flaws, giving you an enticing look that no man can resist. Sleepwear is about showing off your best physical attributes and hiding the imperfections in your curvy figure.

When you buy sleepwear, choose one that is comfortable to you. Sleepwear is not just about making you look sexy; it is an ultimate comfort apparel of the night. It may be embellished with lace, but it is made of ultra soft materials to ensure you will enjoy to the full a good beauty rest, a secret ingredient to a healthy life. All women deserve a healthy life, which is likewise a secret ingredient to a beautiful and sexy body, but most of all for your self-satisfaction.

How to Keep Your Lingerie for Longer Time

  • Posted on November 26, 2014 at 8:53 am
Multi patterned Black Teddy Lingerie LC3204 How to Keep Your Lingerie for Longer Time

Dear-lover, wholesale Multi-patterned Black Teddy Lingerie

Everybody loves lingerie, however due to the cost and quality of the lingerie, special care and attention needs to be paid when cleaning and storing these precious items as they can be easily damaged. There are three key things you can do to extend the life of your lingerie.
1. Always Hand Wash All Lingerie
When washing your lingerie ensure that you are gentle with it and keep any rubbing to a minimum. This is particularly important if your lingerie has lace or satin on it. Excessive rubbing may cause holes in your lingerie. Make sure though that you wash your lingerie sufficiently to ensure that you remove all of the sweat from all elements of the lingerie or when the item dries it will still smell.

Get Ready to Rethink What You Expect a Lingerie Model to Look Like

  • Posted on October 30, 2014 at 2:58 am

In case you missed it, Lingerie Fashion Week just concluded in New York City. While the runways were chockablock with pretty, sexy underpinnings, I was thrilled to see the array of body types of the models: women of all shapes and sizes paraded the runway. And you know what? They looked beautiful in their remarkably regular-looking bods (so not the willowy, long, and lean physiques that typically stalk down the runway).

plus size white satin lingerie runway h724 Get Ready to Rethink What You Expect a Lingerie Model to Look Like

“From the beginning we envisioned it as a platform to embrace and celebrate a wide range of intimate apparel brands and, therefore, body types, from petite to full bust to full figure to maternity,” Lauren Rich, founder and organizer of the official event explained to me. “Lingerie is not one-size-fits-all, and neither are the women who wear it, whether on or off the runway.”

We just talked about the plus-size runway show staged during London Fashion Week, and you guys loved it. It felt refreshing and realistic to see women closer to the average national size up there strutting it and looking gorgeous. Please know that I’m not saying these women are all plus-size. Rather, they all just feel authentic and realistic to me. I’m hoping it’s the start of a nice trend that we’ll see happen more and more, without a big to-do because, hey, it’s just a normal thing.

real women lingerie cage belt h724 Get Ready to Rethink What You Expect a Lingerie Model to Look Like

“Every model I have ever worked with has a realistic body image, and I think it is so important, especially to the brand,” Andrée Ciccarelli, who designed the above, told me. “The industry is finally starting to change, but for the longest time, every model in every ad and photo had a body type that’s unattainable and unrealistic. From the beginning, I made a promise to myself to work with real women and to accentuate the figures they have, and I have kept to it. The feedback from customers has been phenomenal.”

real woman lingerie red h724 Get Ready to Rethink What You Expect a Lingerie Model to Look Like

blue lace lingerie runway h724 Get Ready to Rethink What You Expect a Lingerie Model to Look Like

The above models are wearing styles from the various lines shown over the two-day span, including Harlow & Fox, Affinitas & Parfait, Tia Lyn, and Andrée Ciccarelli.

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How to Wear Lingerie Every Day

  • Posted on October 20, 2014 at 8:49 am
Crisscross Detail Transparent Mesh Teddy LC3200 How to Wear Lingerie Every Day

Dear-lover, wholesale Crisscross Detail Transparent Mesh Teddy

What’s a great deal more enjoyment than putting on nothing? You guessed it. It’s putting on following to nothing. That’s what underwear is. That small a little something that arrives in between you as well as your clothes. Underwear is acknowledged as a selection of fancy underwear foreladies put on beneath things, and for lounging, sleeping, and sex.
It could be created of silk, satin, cotton, leather, ribbons, bows, jewels, ribbons or any material you can imagine. It arrives it about every single coloring while in the rainbow, and consists of a wide variety of lovely and practical pieces.