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How to Make Your Own Jewelry

  • Posted on September 2, 2014 at 8:28 am


Red Beads Lace Bracelet with Rose LC0893 2 How to Make Your Own Jewelry

Dear-lover, wholesale Red Beads Lace Bracelet with Rose

Jewelry making is an activity that you can enjoy regardless of your age, ability or status. Making necklaces, bracelets, or earrings from scratch is a very rewarding experience as you can get to wear your own pieces, share them as gifts, or sell them to help you make extra income. For beginners, consider the corresponding items.

Why We Love What Demi Lovato Does for Women’s Body Image

  • Posted on September 1, 2014 at 6:43 am

Demi Lovato has never been one to shy away from talking about body image.

demi lovato glam latina vmas w352 Why We Love What Demi Lovato Does for Womens Body Image

In fact, just a few days ago, she took to Facebook and reflected on the past six years that she’s attended theMTV Video Music Awards—specifically discussing how her body has changed during those years. She posted side-by-sides of herself on the red carpet and wrote:

“This picture makes me feel so many mixed emotions.. I remember the day I wore the dress in the very first picture. I remember asking for Spanx to flatten my stomach because I use to feel so heavy and ‘fat.’ Now looking at this picture, you can clearly see my hip bones. It makes me sad because I wasted so many years ashamed of my body when I could’ve been living the happy and healthy life I live today. It TRULY just goes to show you that your perceptions can lie to you. OR they can make you learn to enjoy life. Fortunately looking at the picture of myself in the red dress yesterday, I not only feel so grateful for the love and support I’ve had from fans, friends, and family, but…I also feel…beautiful. I’m so excited to live my life the way I deserve to and to the complete fullest. Thank you guys once again…I’m so thankful for my Lovatics. I love you… And never forget that staying strong is worth it.”

Demi has talked openly about her battle with bulimia and went head-to-head with Lady Gaga for “glamorizing” the disease when the singer enlisted a performance artist to vomit onstage. She’s also been vocal about her wish for a “real-body” Barbie—a doll with more realistic proportions (and it looks like her dream has come true!).

Promoting positive body image whenever possible? We say that’s a definite Do.

Article source: www.glamour.com

Glee Star Heather Morris Is Engaged!

  • Posted on August 28, 2014 at 7:06 am

More wedding bells on the Glee set: Hot on the tails of Naya Rivera’s surprise wedding, fellow Gleestar Heather Morris is engaged to longtime boyfriend Taylor Hubbell, Us Weekly is reporting. The two welcomed son Elijah almost a year ago

heather morris w352 Glee Star Heather Morris Is Engaged!

“They’re super-happy together and it just made sense,” an insider told Us. “Heather was beaming when spotted wearing her engagement ring.”

How to Buy Clothes for Tall Women?

  • Posted on August 21, 2014 at 9:05 am
Closefitting Embroidered Neck Blue Jumpsuit LC6590 1 How to Buy Clothes for Tall Women?

Dear-lover, wholesale Closefitting Embroidered Neck Blue Jumpsuit

Women pay a lot of attention to their clothes. If you are going to buy clothes, it is very important for you to choose the right size, color, design, and style. It’s always far better to shop for yourself than others.
It is difficult for tall women to buy the right clothes. It will be hard to find clothes that fit you or coat with long sleeves for tall women. In fact, Tall women want to look appealing and fashionable in winter and summer and any season. For example, if you shop for garments it could be challenging to find as much as pants or jeans.
The difficulty with clothes for tall women is that many of them are not very long enough but too wide for a skinny tall woman. If your clothes have a great width, then it’s not long enough. It is ideal for you to find long clothes for tall women.

Tall women can wear light coats for warmer weather and heavier coats for colder weather. Whatever you find, make sure it not only looks excellent but feels great too. Tall women have to be as comfortable and as alluring as they can be.
One excellent thing about buying a new coats or jackets is that you can wear it for years to come and you don’t need to make such purchase too often. Coats, jeans and pants are only a few things that tall women don’t have to buy as usually as they would buy shoes and shirts. Don’t be worried to spend extra money on new clothes because it’s hard to find exactly what you like, so if you found what you really like, you better buy as soon as you can. Enjoy fun shopping, you can take a close friend and have a great time looking for something nice to wear. Shopping doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be also entertaining experience for you.