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4 Popular Halloween Costume Ideas for You

  • Posted on March 28, 2014 at 7:59 am
Zombie French Maid LC8630 4 Popular Halloween Costume Ideas for You

Dear-lover, wholesale Zombie French Maid

It is really a challenge to choose a perfect Halloween costume to show off your features at that party. It becomes harder with so many choices of Halloween costumes available for you in the online market these days.

Luckily, you can consult the four popular Halloween costume ideas below. These kinds of Halloween costumes will make you the star of the party.

1. Zombie

There is no nothing more popular than the zombie. A staple genre in modern entertainment, zombies can be found nowadays in media such as video games, television series, and feature films.

The best thing about zombie costume is that you can wear anything you want. All you need to do is to put some blood and gory makeup and you can be a zombie doctor, a zombie police, a zombie student, or anything you can think of.

2. Wizard

It is a simple idea to be a wizard by wearing wizard costume. If you have a blue or black graduation robe lying around your home, then you are almost complete. Simply create some stars from felt paper or foam and place them on the robe. After that, make a cone-shaped wizard hat out of a posted board. You can also make a fake beard by pasting some cotton on cardboard. Be sure to bring a staff and you’ll be ready to cast your magic spells in no time!

3. Pirate

With the popularity of Captain Jack Sparrow, it is time for you to dress up as a pirate.

This is a pretty easy costume to pull off. Pirates usually wear striped shirts. Pair that up with dark pants that are torn up below the knee. You may also wear boots, a bandana, a scarf, a vest, and a belt over your shoulder. Make an eye patch and a hook on your hand and you’ll be ready to roll.

4. Rockstar

It is also a good idea to dress up as your favorite rock star. Just wear an attire similar to what your chosen rocker often wears and find an appropriate wig. Bring an electric guitar or a drum stick, too. If you’re going with your friends, it will be fun to portray a specific band together.

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Do Petite Girls Need to Wear Ankle Boots With Leggings?

  • Posted on March 27, 2014 at 7:44 am

Many petite girls dare not to wear anklet boots as they can cut off the leg at what can look like an awkward area. But, you can still wear this fashionable anklet boots with leggings for good looks by keeping in mind a few simple style rules.

Black Skintight Zipper Stretchable Leggings LC79350 2 Do Petite Girls Need to Wear Ankle Boots With Leggings?

Dear-lover, wholesale Black Skintight Zipper Stretchable Leggings

Touch and Agree

Petite figures are best flattered by long leggings, rather than those that cut off around mid-calf. Sadly, short leggings make already-short legs look shorter. Full-length leggings are best for a long look, especially when they reach the tops of your footwear without showing a line of skin between the pant and the boot. This unbroken vertical line helps to make your figure look long and lean.

Meet Your Match

The lengthening effect of long leggings and ankle boots is amplified if the two pieces match in color. Black leggings and black ankle boots are an easy go-to standard, but other colors work this way too. Try leggings in a deep espresso brown and pair with mahogany-brown boots, or don charcoal leggings with black suede ankle boots for a similar lengthening effect.

Bottoms Up

Leggings always cover your butt, whether with shorts, skirts or a dress. When you’re picking some bottoms to cover your petite bottom, you’re better off staying on the short side. Choose short skirts, dresses and even shorts to wear over your leggings, as they won’t interfere with the long line your leggings and ankle boots create. Try cut-off denim skirts or shorts for an edgy touch, or a sleek and structured skirt that hits just above the knee for an office-ready look.

Finishing Touches

Just because long, dark leggings flatter you best, doesn’t mean you should feel locked into one style of leggings. Your small frame means you can play with colors, textures and finishes other than plain opaque; try shiny leather leggings, for instance, or steamy lace ones. Mix up basic black with burgundy or purple, and try subtle patterns, such as hounds tooth or plaid, for extra fashion flair.


The Wonderful Benefits of Right Underwear

  • Posted on March 26, 2014 at 9:03 am
Sexy Wicked Open Crotch Nurse G string LC7661 The Wonderful Benefits of Right Underwear

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As we all know, having the right underwear can make you look great and make you look younger. But it depends on the right underwear you wear. In fact, you can get points up on your look when you wear the right underwear.
In addition, you will be assured that everything in your undergarments is where it is supposed to be when you put the right wholesale underwear on. The right underwear will guarantee what needs supported is supported. When you wear the right underwear, your body will looks 100 times better because nothing is sagging or out of place.

Looking beautiful is not just in the outside look but also in the woman’s inside. The personality of the people and their inner glow would rise at an exponential level if they find their own body beautiful. This inner beauty would shine brighter with the right underwear because you know you look good.
If a person has something special under their shirt and pants, then, their partner would instantly increase the sexiness in each other’s eyes. Everyone wants to look good to the people that matter to them most. Maybe a new pair of panties, or a brief can do the trick to accomplish just that.
In addition, the right underwear can help you look better in the future. As a well fitting underwear can provide the support, you should keep everything in place. When everything is where it is supposed to be, the body will not get damages, thus will keep you looking younger for a longer time.
Hence, you need take some time to find the right underwear to fit and flatter you figure. Just go and flaunt your sexy underwear.



Have a Happy Christmas with Christmas Costume

  • Posted on March 25, 2014 at 9:09 am
200810974264 Have a Happy Christmas with Christmas Costume

Dear-lover, wholesale Glitter Snowflake holiday Lingerie

Christmas is simply around the part. Christmas Costume is a significant part of the season and it is vital for you to choose a right Christmas costume to cheer up your Christmas.
Classic Christmas costumes are usually Santa clause costumes. However, there are other figures just like Mrs. Claus, the elves, reindeers and the three kings. So you can enhance your selection to help to make your Christmas is not the same as the passed year and come up with it more fun.
A lot more specifics would be used to great the Christmas costume. Details such as belts, bowknots, lace, flowers, shawls, gloves, falbalas are common in the Mrs Santa Clause. All these details not only put fun to your costume but also enhance your Christmas day.
The Christmas costume has always been red, which would match up with the design of the Christmas day. But an increasing number of colors would be used in Santa clause costume, like white and green. This will enable your Christmas day more colorful and fun.
Christmas costumes are heavily accessorized compared with that of other seasons. Santa cannot be without his bag of toys and Mrs. Claus should hold her simple but smart handbag with her. Do not forget the gifts for the three kings. This is necessary to complete their look.
Appropriate the Christmas costumes are crucial parts of the preparing stage. So if you want to acquire a low-cost and identical quality costume, online searching is the greatest preference. Yet you need to pay out far more attention to this way. You must pick your outfit carefully and with patience so as to pick up the one match for you. It is a wise decision for you to take plenty of time to choose your costume.
Christmas is an exciting time and let your Christmas costume to assist you to commit a happy and excellent Christmas.