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Choose the Right Color of Bikini for Your Skin Tone

  • Posted on February 19, 2014 at 8:50 am
Sexy Push up Bikini Set in Red LC40404 Choose the Right Color of Bikini for Your Skin Tone

Dear-lover, wholesale Sexy Push-up Bikini Set in Red

There is always a great type of bikini for any type of woman. Different bikini colors will be best for women with different types of bodies. A soft pastel color is going to be best for a woman with lighter colored skin. Good examples of soft pastel colors including light blue, light green, beige, tan and gray colors.

People with medium skin tones should look into using medium hued colors. These include colors like green and purple. These colors can work well with one’s skin color and make a woman look more visible and impressive.

A bright color can be something that can create a cooked appearance to a woman who has been tanning. A color that is closer to one’s normal skin tone can also be used if one’s body features skin that can be easily tanned. This is especially great in that it can allow a woman to get her natural body to be emphasized properly. This is only going to be best for a woman who plans on spending a good amount of time tanning. A person with a darker skin color should look to use a new style white bikini. White can be used as a complementary color for one’s skin.

Even black can be used but it helps to use black as one of the last options for a bikini for dark skin. These are great colors for women to see when using bikinis on the beach. These colors can be ones that will vary in intensity and offer unique appearances. Be sure to take a look at these things when getting a bikini ready.

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Be Confident with Perfect Bikini Sets

  • Posted on February 18, 2014 at 8:44 am
Lemon Drop Ruffle Bikini LC40304 Be Confident with Perfect Bikini Sets

Dear-lover, wholesale Lemon Drop Ruffle Bikini

If you want to choose perfect bikini sets, you should know your body measurements firstly and then decide what kind of bikini set will suit you perfectly. It is very important to find the bikini that can fit and flatter your figure.

Your figure may be rectangular, in which your hips, waist and chest are of equal size; or it can be triangular, in which your shoulders are broader than the lower parts of your body; or otherwise, it may be pear-shaped in which your hips are broader than the upper body portion. You can also be lucky to be curvy, the characteristic of which is that your body is just perfectly in proportion. It is even likely that your figure may be a combination of two of these types. You should recognize it and select the bikini sets in accordance.

You are recommended to choose bikini with horizontal lines, dark colors which can downplay your flaw parts. If your butts are broad and chest is small, choose the cheap print bikinis. With a bikini you don’t need to worry about your torso length though. Also, you will have to remember not to buy a bikini of larger size, as after getting wet, it loosens; hence get an appropriate size.

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The most vital factor is to be confident about your bikini sets . When you like a specific bikini or any other attire the most, no matter whatever others opine, you will look great in it. Hence always rely upon yourself and be confident about your liking sexy bikini sets.

How to Wear Swimwear with Horizontal Strips

  • Posted on February 9, 2014 at 8:59 am
 How to Wear Swimwear with Horizontal Strips

Dear-lover, wholesale Colorful Stripes Ruffled Trim Bikini

When it comes to wearing swimwear, we all lose a bit of our self confidence. But there are many tricks you can use to make sure you look as good as you can in your swimwear and the use of stripes has always been a well know one.
Due to the flattening effect of the horizontal stripe, take care when choosing it in a bikini. A horizontal stripe can flatten your bust and make you look bottom heavy. Though it is flattering for bumps you don’t want, you really don’t want the stripes to take it away from the bumps you do want.
It is ideal for you to use stripes on your bottom half and use a block colour on your top. Avoid a black or minimizing colour, unless you really want to tone down your top half, but go for a colorful bright coordinating colour which will keep you in trend and feeling great during the summer months.
If you are top heavy, horizontal stripes can reduce the apparent size of your bust, but to make this work effectively you do have to ensure your bikini top is well fitting, any over spillage will accentuate your size make you look like you tried to get into a child’s bikini.
For wholesale swimming costumes and tankinis, horizontal stripes are a great way to produce an attractive and slimming appearance. Use swimwear with integrated padding or under wire to make sure your bust is not lost, and use halter neck designs to give your bust a lift and keep you on trend with this seasons style.
When choosing a swimsuit with differing widths of stripes, you need to be careful of where the big stripes hit. Bigger stripes on the bust will give the appearance of increased size, whereas bigger stripes on the hips and bum may not be the look you are going for.
Whatever swimwear you choose, make sure that you choose a colour and a style that you feel confident in. It’s time to hit the beach. Do not hesitate to log onto our online store in and look for a perfect swimwear to flatter your figure and stand out in the crowd on the beach. Also find out our 2014 new fashion peplum dresses.


Do You Like Wonderful Swimwear?

  • Posted on August 20, 2013 at 4:09 am
Super Sexy Secret One Piece Swimsuit Black LC40382 2 Do You Like Wonderful Swimwear?

Dear-lover, wholesale sexy swimwear, Super Sexy Secret One Piece Swimsuit Black

In the summer time, people like to go swimming as swimming is regarded as the best exercise to keep health and keep in good shape. In the old days, people went to swim naked. But with the development of the society, there comes the swimwear which is ideal for people to swim.

As time passed by, the wholesale swimwear is becoming more and more fashionable and people are all becoming fussier about the swimwear. They want to show off their sexy figure with perfect swimwear. There is no wonder why they have such kind of thoughts.

Swimwear now comes in several designs and types. You can find bikini swimwear, one-piece swimwear, cover-up, beach dress, tankini and monokini available in the market. Of course, the bikini swimwear must be the most choice people choose to wear in the summer since it is perfect to show off people’s curves.

However, for the people who want to do more swimming, they would like to wear one-piece swimwear for it is more convenient for them to do more actions. Besides, the one-piece swimwear is as sexy as the bikini swimwear. Imagine that you wear a Super Sexy Secret One Piece Swimsuit Black , which is cool enough to show off your charming asset.

If you dare to get sunburn when going to the beach, then the cover-up swimwear is best for you to choose from. The cover-up can effectively protect you from the sun and it is also comfortable to wear.

With so many kinds of sexy swimwear to choose, your summer time will be wonderful. Hope to have a good time this summer.